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Кар'єра після 40? Вчений  пояснив реальний зв’язок між віком і успіхом

Scientist albert Laszlo Barabash in lekc for TED respown, chomu ospho can dosage in whether yakomu VC

Albert Einstein said yakos scho lyudin, Yak not zrobila sviy naznachili of vnesok in science to 30 years, Nikoli vzhe tsogo not zrobit.

Meni vzhe 30 – the most important thing, about scho TSE to speak meni everyone knows, what does the us — those scho in SFER science od mene no korist. But, happiness, wdal of periodic tralalaa in may car R. Have VC 28 Chi about I becoming scaitica the traps, and be called a few more years by mi opubco be called a few more of klucovych articles about vakrita besmertnik Meri, scho was the cob Novo discipline, Yak mi today nazywam science about merezhi.

Be called a few more years I think, scho Christus dey Meri I DOSUGA, that we otrimali, for zastosuvannya in hi SFER s Mehta proposed ospho. In resultat Dolce, mi has target map for DOPOMOGA ako mi can be dosite exactly vinciti USPH artist, if you will show meni pers p’yat exhibition in Yogo ABO – car R. Have process dozen ospho mi zrozumilo scho USPH — TSE not tilki about vsamom of combination; there is the toll-baslc NSA of warehouses.

Mi weavile scho one of the constituents, neophane for ospho, — TSE vashi results. Let’s viznacheno in chomu difference mizh results th uspga. Results — TSE those scho VI robite: Yak Shvydko VI bite, that picture of VI write that article VI publkat. Nonetheless, in our roboczy terminolog, USPH — TSE those scho suspilstvo pomca s that scho VI robite, s your rezultatu. Yak vono h wasnich I Yak you nagaraju? Himi words, vashi results — about you, your ucph — Pro vsih us. I TSE Bulo duzhe for us valuim vakrita, that scho sama Koli mi viznacheno scho USPH — TSE collective Mira, Yak daє us suspilstvo, USPH becoming vimruntime. After yakscho VIN znahodytsya have sper suspilstva about TSE . baslc difference. So, mi need to school, mi tremea, mi practicum, that scho wrimo scho results privodjat to ospho. Ale in the beginning of our dozen mi zrozumilo scho results th USPH — TSE duzhe-duzhe RZN way matematicno s point Zora tsogo dozen. Let me very difficult for the TSE show.

So, usemame will nisville lyudin on earth, Usain Bolt. Of course, he vigra blesst smahane, in yakih bere fate. […] Zivim yea the fact scho VIN vigra if so vdbase not the fact scho VIN digit vipereye soperniku. He bit maximum vasotec likely, than lyudin, Yak progra the race. I VIN not tilki bit vsogo 1 vasotec likely, than other participant, ale takozh VIN is not bit 10 rasv likely, than I — I, povrce, I’m not the best bgun. I skin once, if mi can vimsati results, mi pachano demo scave: and sama those scho results obmezhen. This means TSE, scho people have no znaczna rznic in the results. TSE is not this means, scho mi can vardnili good from nycrama, ale duzhe nycrama vaiko vincity. I the problem is in the fact scho s blesst us working in the fields, de no chronometer for vimiryuvannya our rezultatu.

USPH can come in whether yaky hour

Garazd results abmien, I mizh us there is the toll-znacznik robbinsthe schodo rezultatu. A Yak schodo ospho? Scho well, let pereydem to NSO those, for example, to books. One iz critera ospho middle pismennik — number of people that chitayte two of work. So what if my poperedni book Villa in 2009 year, I have a PDR Clubbing, spilkuvannya s editor I Picasa: hto moï of konkurenti? Sered them Boule Chudov the pismennikami. The fact tyzhden Dan brown vypustiv “of Straceni symbol”, and also Wisla in the world of “the Last Song” NCols sparks. […] It turns out, for the first week NCols sparks sold over one hundred thousand primerica, and TSE brazuca number! Vzagali something we poterpite in ldere list bestsellers New York Times, produce 10 000 primerica on tyzhden, tobto VIN 10 RSV pereview norm neobho dwellers become number one. Ale VIN not becoming number one. Chomu? Tom scho CCB has Dan brown, which sold for 1.2 mllion primerica per week. I meni I figure podobala the fact scho won to bring: USPH besmertniy, I best not just Atria zlegka more than the second best, he Atria nesravnenno more, that scho USPH — TSE collective world. Mi viznacheno Yogo for them, not the stench sarabseth Yogo svoimi results.

So, one RC, Yak mi zrozumie, TSE those scho results abmien and USPH being kolektivnim, neomezeny, and TSE smuso zadumatsa: Yak mi atrium TSI Felices Robbins in ospho, if we minmal vdnet in the results? […] Alle let’s powerpose to power: good, up to you priyshov USPH — if TSE steel?

Let’s powerpose to the cob I zapytam myself: chomu Einstein zrobiv Qiu smsno said about those scho tilki to 30 years you can booty kreativnym? And all because, scho Osiris navkolo, VIN bachiv CIR desavigny ficv, that has target kvantovo mechanc I suchasne fsico, if m Bulo 20-30 rokiv ABO troch 30. I VIN not tilki. I TSE not just pomilka sposterezhennya, that scho naspravdi there is the toll-Masa genolini dozen, in yakih thedocumentation fact, scho yakscho podivitis Ulublena starichna of osobistosti I zvernuti the attention of every Vik, in yakomu stink zrobili sviy naili of vnesok — whether in music or in science, or in ngenera, — blesst them zrobili TSE have WC after 20, 30 Chi a maximum of about 40.

Ale yea one problem in CIR dosljak. Firstly, vono story vrazhennya scho kreativnosti dorny Molodost and TSE prikro usual, right? And also in the nom je pomilka sposterezhennya, that scho vono Sacha tilki genv ale is not bere to uwagi peresichnih vchenih, not vrhovo vsih us I don’t covetise Chi true scho s rocky kreativnosti snika? […]

I mean mi versile: Garazd, let’s viznacheno, Yak all vdbase for the cob in nauc. – dwellers viluchiti pogibko vibri when rozhled tilki genv, mi versely of prosterity for car Rami skin uchenogo, pochinayuchi W 1900 roku to ciogodnichnyu day, I dosljak maximalen desagana skin from them, although those were otrimali stink Nobels award Chi hi, I navti if nhto not know hi Chim stink SIMULIA, hi about in better results.

Mi weavile scho blesst vchenih Shilin of vedavati nauplius materials in pers 10-15 years so car re, and further yde on the decline. I decline nestlike strnky, that moï 30 years in profes chance of scho I will virusu dozen, Yak bude mother BlsI vpliv, than all, what I Robin as, dorny less then one vasatka. Hello there critise problem. Mi nedostatek accno sdesnuda perevirka. Perevirka guilty Buti like: Yak wyglada teachings, that we wypadkowe of vnesok in science? ABO Yak productivity uchenogo? If the stench write svoï article? Scho, mi has Vimal productivity, and the axis of scho marvelous: productivity, ie imort napisanna of work in the Perche, 10 or 20 year VASO car re not varsets from pornost the way vplivom in the same period VASO car ri.

In short, after low statisticni tests , tilki odne this explanation: naspravdi, those Yak mi, vcen, precum, whether Yak Statt, Yak mi publeo, whether that is a project in yakomu mi beremo fate has got absolutely odnako chancy the way our nikraim result. So, Wakita — Yak laterani a ticket. I Chim bilshe laterani quickv mi coumo, Tim wise Nashi chancy. I become, scho blesst vchenih copout blesst laterani quickv in pers 10-15 years so car re, and further HNA produktivnosti snigula. More stink copout laterani quickv. I it seems, scho stink not more creative. Naprawd W stink prepenalty probuvati. Scho yakscho mi saremo VSI Dan time, the conclusion of the bude duzhe sorry: USPH can come in whether yaky hour. TSE Mauger Buti Yak Persha, as I last robot from your car R. TSE brand wypadkowe choice in seredova proektu. Sminutes tilki productivity.

For example, John Fenn, yakogo have VC 70 years primosole VDPAU retirement Liski University. The stench zakrili Yogo laboratory, and then W VIN perebralsya in University Spivdruzhnist Virgin, vdkev there NSW the lab I came there, WC 72 years, opubco Statt, Yak for 15 years yomu Bulo prescene Nobels award z Hm.

VI dumaete, that well, science — TSE specifcy region, Yak schodo NSA spheres, de we need Buti kreativnie? Scho well, let’s razglyadev ot tipovi butt: pdprimstvo. Kremna valley — the land of molodih, don’t I? I really, yakscho VI podivitis, VI pobachiti scho nails nagrody, nagrody TechCrunch TA INSHI, trimout people seredniy Vik yakih of about 30 years. Who give money venture Fondi nails venture frmi, — m everyone knows, what does troch 30. Axis those scho mi znamo in Kremni Dolin prisutna Dumka, scho the youth of dorny ospho. Not if VI devices on figures, that scho not tilki right in stvoren compan – stvorennya compan, Yak productivity, it probuvati, probuvati, and if VI devices for quiet, hto, properly, zasnova USPTO company ABO udalo zakria business. Nedavno Nashi and some colleges have swarnali pay attention the same at the TSE questions. I viyavilos scho so, Tim, who is 20-30 years, sosnovoye Velicina number of companies storyurl baslc companies, ale blesst stout bankrote. The I yakscho VI podivitis on uspsa seversen operas, VI pobachiti scho Chim VI older, Tim Morne VI will designate ospho on the stock rinku ABO udalo producte company. I TSE the truth: if you are over 50, then imort uspshnomu of zakrita to a b_znes for you in two Razi wise, than you akbi Bulo 30.

So, naostanok, scho mi, properly, bacimo? And bacimo mi those scho not got kreativnosti VCU. And productivity got, right? Pakazu meni scho scho wrist-Rasht, yakscho VI VI produite probuvati… you can dosage ospho I will procurati znovu I znovu.

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