Carabins: disappointment and hope

Carabins: une déception et de l’espoir

The players and coaches of the Carabins of the Université de Montréal (UdeM) does not hide: they are very disappointed that U Sports has decided not to present a national championship in 2020, due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Having lost in the final of the Vanier Cup against the Calgary Dinos in 2019, the Blue wanted to take it back.

“It is sure that we have had to deal with the emotions, because it is a team that has just lost a national final. Throughout the winter, they are driven with the idea of being able to take their revenge. This was a disappointment, but it was short-lived,” said the new head coach of the Carabins, Marco Iadeluca.

The student-athletes of the University have quickly realized that they were lucky despite everything. In fact, the other circuits of college football in the country have chosen to put the axe in the next season. In regards to the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ), it always evaluates the situation, which means that it is still possible that the football matches to be played in la Belle Province this fall.

“The fact that there is always a hope about the season of the province so that they are delivered quickly,” said Iadeluca.


For their part, the players are more than happy of the non-decision of the circuit québécois.

“Personally, I find that this decision is premature, but it is their own, said Pier-Olivier Ballast, in speaking of the choice of the other leagues and U Sports. However, I am very happy that the RSEQ has decided to keep a certain openness.”

“I have spoken with many of my teammates about it and everybody is extremely grateful to the RSEQ”, continued the offensive lineman.

“We are very fortunate compared to other guys of Canada”, has expressed the half defensive Shawn Butcher.

A stress

Despite this recognition, the football players quebecers live with a sword of Damocles above the head.

“It is stressful, we all want to play football, claimed Lestage. University football players all have the habit of playing past ten years. This is something that is part of our weekly routine. It is sure that there is a stress of not even knowing if we’re going to play, but he must stay ready.”

“If we do not have a season, I don’t know if some of the guys planning to stay at home, but I guess we will have training sessions when the same was questioned Butcher. We couldn’t afford not to train us for a year, it is sure and certain.”

And in the last chance?

A butcher would obviously be very sad not to be able to practice his sport in 2020, but it would only be his second season of eligibility. In the case of Weights, this could be even more catastrophic.

The native of Saint-Eustache must compete for its fourth year, is the one that precedes the recovery of the canadian football League.

“For guys in my situation, it just adds a little something, he said. Do you hope to have done pretty well in previous years for having some interest of professional teams.”

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