“Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

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    The name of the winner was revealed by Antoine de Caunes, sponsor of the BD Fnac France Inter Prize, live on the “Popopop” program on France Inter.

    Carbon and Silicon by Mathieu Bablet © Ankama Editions

    Fnac and France Inter are pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize: “Carbone & Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet (Ankama Éditions).

    Carbon & Silicon was elected by a final commission made up of journalists and Fnac booksellers, among the five finalist comics previously selected by a general public jury, on the basis of the 21 favorites albums of the year 2020 from Fnac booksellers.

    “Carbone & Silicium”, winner of the BD FNAC France Inter 2021 prize

    2046. Carbon and Silicon are the latest creations of the _Tomorrow Foundation laboratories._Noriko, scientist in charge of the project, explains to them why they were created: they are the prototypes of a new generation of robots intended to take care of the aging human population . Coming from the same entity, split into two distinct individuals, they are the first representatives of a range of androids with capacities increased tenfold by the progress of research in artificial intelligence.

    You saw what world we live in, we only talk about overpopulation, resources that are running out (Noriko)

    Raised in the protective cocoon of the laboratory that designed them, eager to discover the outside world, it is during an attempt to escape that they will be separated. They will then each conduct their own experiments, becoming, for nearly three centuries, the observers more or less distanced from a humanity at the end of its rope, unable to cope with the ecological, political, economic and social disasters that it itself has caused.

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

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    It is because humans are incapable of acting as a species that the gaps in wealth have widened, that no one has wanted to make enough efforts to save the environment and that we have left the system violence win. You know what ? It will start over and over again“(Silicon)

    Instead of repeating ourselves over and over again making the same mistakes, destroying our environment like humans, for fear of losing the foundation on which we have built our reality, we will do like the universe, we will reinvent ourselves endlessly. Because wisdom and intelligence are only collective” (Carbone)

    Faced with this declining world, will Carbon and Silicon manage to find their place?

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    By offering a realistic vision of the near future, anticipation seems to be able to provide answers to current questions. By depicting this future of humanity, it is the world of today that Mathieu Bablet dissects.

    Under the pen and pencil strokes of the author appears the inertia of our society and our leaders in the face of social and environmental problems. The lack of solidarity and responsibility of States is leading this society to its downfall.

    Mathieu Bablet: “I had this idea of ​​two robots that would go through decades in the near future, observing the changes the world was going to go through. A kind of cyberpunk ballad, with a slow and melancholy rhythm like the movie Blade Runner. I told myself at the time that it was a good idea to start with something as simple as this. The story has been extremely difficult to write. It was necessary to jointly tell the life and the evolutions of the two main characters, the technological advances of science, the various ecological, economic and migratory problems, as well as the intrigue which was going to take the robots towards the accomplishment of their own destiny. And it was necessary that all these progressions intersect in a logical way. During the writing, to finish, I knew what I wanted: that we see all these planetary upheavals through the eyes of the two robots. They are spectators, like all of us, of changes in the world. They don’t have the power to have an impact on all of this, they just witness it. This human-scale point of view made it possible to focus on the characters, it was their relationship above all that mattered to me “.

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

    Unpublished illustration by Mathieu Bablet /

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

    Unpublished drawing by Mathieu Bablet, the author of “Carbone et Silicium” to welcome the announcement of his BD Fnac France Inter / Prize.

    In 2046, humanity seems to no longer believe in tomorrow and takes refuge in a scientific obsession, however unsatisfactory. Noriko is the perfect example of this, abandoning her children for the benefit of her project. When Silicium finds Carbone, he shows him the beauty of the world he has admired during his travels. When humans have become insensitive to the nature around them, it is the machines that are moved.

    Dualism, the relationship between body and mind, is very present in Carbon & Silicon. Silicium is attached to its original body, revealing its history, what it has experienced; where Carbone has never known such an attachment: this body, she detached herself from it in order to survive. This will result in this opposition between the experience of one and the idealism of the other, the pragmatism of Silicium and the hopes of Carbon.

    Mathieu Bablet explains:

    As often when it comes to reflecting on the human condition, Carbon and Silicon each represent two opposing worldviews. The world of reason opposed to the world of emotions. The world of intelligence versus that of desire.

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

    Plate extracted from “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet / Mathieu Bablet / Ankama

    An important promotion mechanism in FNAC stores and on France Inter

    Throughout the month of January and until February 7, 2021, comics are in the spotlight in all Fnac stores and on Fnac.com.

    The day after the delivery of the BD Fnac France Inter Prize, the winner will benefit from a promotion of his work at Fnac as well as on France Inter where it will be received in the programs and supported by a promotional campaign.

    FNAC, France Inter and comics …

    At Fnac, the history of comics began in 1974 with the inauguration of the brand’s first bookstore, within Fnac Montparnasse. With more than 8 million comics sold each year, Fnac, France’s leading bookseller, has largely contributed to the promotion of the genre, through numerous prescription actions, meetings with the greatest authors, workshops, exhibitions or retrospectives in homage to the masters of comics.

    France Inter, France’s leading radio station with 6,808,000 listeners, gives the floor to authors, designers and publishers all year round, but goes even further by supporting unmissable events or album releases. Comics have always slipped, like Plantu’s mouse, into radio programs: sometimes in the morning of Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé, sometimes at Augustin Trapenard, but also and especially at Antoine de Caunes, Charline Vanhoenacker, Emmanuel Khérad or in editorial appointments. Partner of the best of comics and graphic novels, France Inter thus reaffirms its position as a prescribing media as it does in the field of cinema, TV series, theater and music.

    “Carbone et Silicium” by Mathieu Bablet, winner of the 2021 BD Fnac France Inter Prize

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