Card OOS (ATO) as at 14 Jan 2019

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00, 14 January 2019 according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

The last day in the area of operations of the combined forces showed the further increase in the number of cases of non-compliance the Russian occupation troops full and comprehensive cease-fire, informs Rus.Media.

14 once the enemy opened fire in the direction of Ukrainian military positions across the line of the collision. However, the facts of the use of artillery and mortars by the enemy yesterday were not recorded.

Yesterday in the fighting, one soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were injured. He was quickly taken to a military mobile hospital, where qualified medical assistance. The health status of our defender is characterized as satisfactory.

Lugansk direction

The opponent three times during the day, opened fire in the direction of the defensive positions of units of the United forces. The fighting there began in the second half of the day, and lasted with little interruption until the evening.

At 14:30, from the settlement the Wide Beam, the enemy fired from heavy anti-tank grenade launchers in the direction of our positions near n of the item.

The second time the enemy violated the ceasefire at 15:45, opening fire from APCS and machine guns near Novomoskovskoe. The shelling was coming from the direction of n of the item Donetsk, and lasted 15 minutes.

In some cases, the military from the combined forces returned fire without the use of prohibited weapons.

Also recorded another non-compliance by the opponent of the regime of silence in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska. 20:05 the invaders committed here, the rifle fire from the direction of Nikolaevka.

Donetsk direction

Most fire provocations – 11, occurred yesterday in this area.

Individual settlements the enemy fired several times a day, sometimes changing battle positions, where the fire was fought.

In particular our fortifications near the village of Sands yesterday were under fire three times. So, at 14:50 the enemy opened fire from LNG. The shelling was coming from the direction of the mine Abakumova.

The second time, the enemy used machine guns of large caliber at 15:30. Subsequently, the Russian occupation troops have carried out repeated shelling of the already mounted grenade launchers.

It wasn’t quiet yesterday in the vicinity of the Town, where the defensive positions of the defenders of Ukraine was twice hit by enemy fire from automatic grenade launchers and small arms.

Also double-from 10:20 to 13:15 with the direction of the occupied town Staromikhaylovka invaders used to our defenders Krasnogorovka heavy machine guns and small arms.

In addition, the Russian occupation troops broke the silence mode of rocket-propelled grenades, and other infantry weapons around n of the item of Lebedinskoye, Gnutova, Birch and Experienced.

The situation on the front line today, January 14

From the beginning of this era, as of 12:00 in the area of operations of the combined forces recorded 2 aimed attacks by Russian occupation troops.

01:30 over an hour, the enemy broke the mode of silence from heavy machine guns and small arms in the area Novomikhaylovka.

10:00 am from the occupied village of Sosnovskoye, the enemy made a 20-minute grenade positions of our defenders Pavlopolya.

Current day, in the fighting one of our defender of the composition units of the United forces were injured. He was taken to a military mobile hospital. Our health serviceman satisfactory.

Information of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Russian occupational command trying in any way to increase the motivation of personnel to serve in the composition of the advanced units and units 1 and 2 AK armed forces. In particular, the invaders spread rumors about the money allowances of servicemen of the Russian occupation forces, which are directly involved in combat and awarded the T. SV. signs “combatants”.

At the same time, a significant number of these soldiers of the Russian occupation forces, realizing the inevitability of responsibility for the war crimes that have no Statute of limitations, refuse to issue documents to receive the specified awards. At the same time, so this “candidates to promote” fear that the lists of awardees will be published and will serve as the evidence base for future litigation over them.