Card OOS (ATO) as at 16 Mar 2019

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00 on 16 March 2019 according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

In the past days, the Russian occupation forces did not stop the provocative shelling positions of the Ukrainian defenders. The occupiers continued to use the same caliber weapons that are prohibited for use on the line of the collision Minsk agreements, informs Rus.Media.

Just within the last day, March 15, the Russian occupation troops conducted 6 impact of attacks on our defensive positions.

Division of the United forces were adequate defensive actions, using on-duty firepower. Note that during firing in response to our military personnel do not violate the Minsk agreement. According to the intelligence Headquarters of the FOS in the composition of the Russian occupation troops in the past day there are casualties.

According to available information losses among our Ukrainian heroes in the past days, no.

Lugansk direction

The occupants made 4 short armed provocations.

In the morning the enemy basically follow the regime of silence, however, after 14:20 applied near Novozvanivka anti-tank missile system (ATGM).

Later, after 17:00, the occupants made the 10-minute attack on our defenders of the Crimean, using rocket-propelled grenades of various types.

18:50 for 15 minutes divisions combined forces again in the Crimean recorded a breaks 8 of the enemy’s mines of calibre of 120 mm. the Occupants had fired mortars from the direction of town, Donetsk.

In addition, late in the evening the Russian occupation troops he knowingly carried fire provocation near the village of Lugansk. At 22:45 from the direction of the occupied city, the enemy used small arms in the direction of our defenders.

Donetsk direction

In the past days, the Russian occupation forces have committed 2 armed provocations.

At 11:50 the enemy began a mortar attack on 82-caliber on our Oborona Novoselivka Druha.

In the evening, around 17:30 the occupiers released a few more min, 120-caliber on our defense Szerokiego.

The situation on the front line today, March 16

From the beginning of the current day as of 12:00 enemy attacks on the line of the collision is not fixed.

Our defenders division of the United forces are ready for any treacherous provocative action by the Russian occupation troops.