Card OOS (ATO) as at 17 March 2019

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00 on 17 March 2019 according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

In the past days the number of attacks by the enemy of our defensive positions on the line of contact was reduced to two, informs Rus.Media.

Lugansk direction

Both these aimed attacks happened here.

In the midst of the fighting were members of the combined forces that perform combat tasks in the area of the farm Free.

It is their > position of the Russian occupation forces yesterday fired twice from the village of gold-5.

The first attack began at 12:40. For 55 minutes on our strongholds the occupants were released 15 min caliber 82 mm, fired from a hand-held and automatic mounted grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

For several hours there was another surge of enemy activity in the period from 15:30 to 16:10 Ukrainian soldiers have counted on their positions 5 min breaks 82-caliber.

Each of these attacks the units of the joint forces returned fire duty fire means not prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

Unfortunately, during the day the shelling ended the life of one serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, born in 1981.

One soldier of the United forces were injured. Now the soldier is provided the necessary assistance in a medical facility.

According to intelligence reports, during the March 16 two occupants eliminated, two more are wounded. Also destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle of the enemy.

The situation today, March 17

Since the beginning of the present day, as of 12:00 shelling positions of our troops is not fixed.

The situation on the contact line is fully controlled by the Ukrainian military.