Card OOS (ATO) as of March 15, 2019

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00 on 15 March 2019 according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

Yesterday, in the area of operations of the combined forces continued fighting a low intensity. Four cases of opening fire in the direction of the Ukrainian positions by Russian occupation troops was fixed for the day, and in one case the enemy used mortars banned caliber, informs Rus.Media.

None of the attack which was made by the occupier, our courageous defenders are not left without an answer. However, not making a single shot from the weapon, which is banned for use by the corresponding agreements.

No combat losses in the ranks of the United forces was the last day no one Ukrainian soldier as a result of fighting was killed or injured.

However, according to our intelligence data, yesterday, injuring one occupant from the structure of the Russian occupation troops.

Also, according to the headquarters of the operation, our defenders managed to destroy the infantry fighting vehicle of the enemy.

Lugansk direction

Here such facts documented three.

So, the first shot rang out at seven in the morning from the settlement Golmei, when the enemy opened fire with small arms in the side of the defenders Maisky.

Firing provocation went on for about ten minutes, to which members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine responded to the enemy fire from infantry weapons.

The second Russian occupation troops violated the ceasefire in the Luhansk area in polpervogo day, using automatic grenade launchers and large caliber machine guns against the defenders of S. Lugano.

The attack which was conducted by the enemy from the occupied sec. Kalynivka, lasted half an hour. Our defenders returned fire with organic weapons to force the enemy to stop firing.

And a third occupier has broken the agreement on cease-fire for the second half of the day, namely at 16:30. Then the opponent has enacted mortars, 82 gauge, flow eight minutes it Happened close to the positions of joint forces in the area Katerinovka. These hostile actions also did not remain without adequate response on the part of our defenders – defenders S. Ekaterinovka opened on the enemy entrenched in the area of the settlement Youth, aimed fire from APCS.

Thus, only in the band for this tactical grouping of Russian occupation troops used the weapon three times, each time stirring up an adequate response from our defenders.

Donetsk direction

There yesterday was much quieter – the adversary violated the ceasefire only once.

So, at exactly seven in the morning under enemy machine-gun fire hit the defensive positions of the Ukrainian troops in the area of Bogdanovka. The fire was from the settlement Petrovskoye, and lasted nearly forty minutes.

When our troops opened the dense return fire from regular infantry weapons, demonstrating a willingness to give the enemy a fitting rebuff to his provocations.

And this was the only violation of the truce in Donetsk direction – the rest of the day was passed without skirmishes.

The situation today, March 15

From the beginning of this era, as of 12:00 in the area of operations of the combined forces of the enemy shelling was not recorded. Losses in the ranks of the United forces there, the situation remains stable and fully controlled by the Ukrainian defenders.

Information of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine

The command of the armed forces is strengthening measures to prevent defections of military personnel of group of the Russian occupation troops in the temporarily occupied territory in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In particular, the troops of the enemy deployed, so this “awareness” bringing to all personnel, developed by the Russian special services of outreach materials to discredit the program of the security Service of Ukraine “are waiting for you at home.”

At the same time, to intimidate the soldiers of the Russian occupation forces they impose a false and distorted information about the “dire consequences” for those who willingly go to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

At the same time, the Russian occupation administrations are taking measures to strengthen the work of the crossings to prevent the departure of troops of the Russian occupation troops in government-controlled areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.