Cardiopulmonary arrest in Lotbinière: no indictment against the police officers from the SQ

QUEBEC | No charges will be laid against the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) , which have transported in their autopatrouille a woman who has felt a malaise that led to his death in June 2019, in the Lotbinière region.

This is what announced on Friday that the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) after having analysed the evidence gathered by the Office of the independent surveys (EIB).

The victim had suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest on June 6, 2019. Shortly after 21 o’clock that night, following a 911 call about a bickering family, four police officers from the SQ are presented in a house of Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage which were two men and a woman.

According to the details provided by the DPCP, it was agreed after discussion that the woman had to go home. Two agents are available for the lead to Saint-Apollinaire to find a means of transport to complete the journey.

The woman, according to the DPCP, took place on board the vehicle of the police “and voluntarily without any physical constraint”.

“During transport, the woman manifests a discomfort with both agents present. These stop the patrol vehicle to offer assistance. They take his vital signs and call an ambulance. A few seconds later, she stops breathing and has no pulse. Officers perform cpr. The defibrillator is used,” a-t-on detailed by a press release.

Paramedics took over and led the victim to a hospital. This one has survived.

The DPCP is believed that no criminal act has been committed by the police officers from the SQ during this transport in their vehicle.

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