Care services emergency spared up here

Les services de garde d’urgence épargnés jusqu’ici

Only 15 cases of COVID-19 have occurred in 1021 care services emergency put in place since the beginning of the confinement. A model that could serve as an example for the plan to return to school.

Since that François Legault has put Quebec in ” pause “, the workers who are the front line to fight against the coronavirus may send their toddlers to day-care. This is the case, for example, nurses, doctors and police officers.

Between 5000 and 6000 young children are currently attending the care emergency. On the 15 cases of COVID-19 are listed in the network since mid-march, there are only six children.

Since 1 April, there has been only one case of infection with coronavirus in the entire subsidized child care and CPE open, figures that monitors with interest the ministry of Education.

An infection rates are ” really low “, which reflects what is currently in pediatrics, says Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh, a pediatrician, microbiologist and infectiologist at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

Not only children have few symptoms when they are infected with the coronavirus, but ” they don’t catch so easily as that “, she insists.

Of course, one cannot generalize what is currently happening in child care that will take place in the classrooms of Quebec, to the reopening of schools, according to Dr. Quach-Thanh. It will be more difficult to enforce hygiene measures.

Nevertheless, it considers that Quebec will not remain in “pause” until the arrival of a vaccine. “One time, it is necessary to begin to déconfiner [first] the groups least at risk of severe disease and therefore these groups, it is certainly the children,” she said.

A good recipe

Director-general of the Association québécoise des CPE, Geneviève Bélisle says it is ready to share with the education network the various sanitary measures that had to be taken to avoid as much as possible the contamination of children and staff.

“There seems to be a recipe for prevention that works well. […] In any case, we have seen that a day care service emergency CPE had become a hotbed of outbreak “, she says.

But the instructions are numerous. To decrease the overcrowding, the occupancy rate of the facilities was limited to 30 %. The groups have been reduced by half.

“You didn’t even have the opportunity to go and take your child to the local. […] The child undresses in the locker room, all the hands are washed, all items of personal property of the child remain at the CPE, are washed in PBS every day, ” says Geneviève Bélisle.


The minister of the Family recalls that the childcare network knows how to deal with the virus. Mathieu Lacombe does not venture to compare the network of child care and education. The facilities are different, as are the clientele.

But he has a message for parents who fear to send their toddlers in day care : “When we look at the experience that was experienced in the last few weeks, the number of people infected is very low, not to say marginal, I think you have to be optimistic for the future “.

Child care Services emergency

In the CPE or in subsidized childcare

  • 1021 facilities
  • From 5000 to 6000 children
  • 15 cases of COVID-19, including 6 children

In middle school

  • 336 institutions
  • 2543 children enrolled
  • 7 cases of COVID-19

Since march 16,

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