Care Services emergency: the union demand of coherence on the case of COVID-19

Services de garde d'urgence: le syndicat demande de la cohérence sur les cas de COVID-19

The Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ-CSQ) has asked the health authorities to be consistent on the case of COVID-19 in day-care facilities for essential staff.

The union has observed that parents of children attending child care services emergency are not routinely informed in cases of infection confirmed to the COVID-19 in their early childhood centre (CPE) or their family environment governed and funded.

“Our speakers have the habit of disclosing to the parents any kind of a case of a child with diseases or infections, indicated by way of a press release Valérie Grenon, president of the FIPEQ-CSQ. Recently, workers have been directed not to disclose information to parents. This situation makes us extremely uncomfortable.”

In addition, the consequences of a case of COVID-19 are different on a same territory. The recommendations of the public health range from a complete closure to the quarantine of certain persons and impossible to know the protocols, ” said the union.

“We put some people in quarantine, but the staff and children who have been in contact to remain at a CPE without having been tested, has added Valérie Grenon. In the case of family backgrounds, imagine for a moment you know that a child of your service has been tested positive without you even be able to pass the test. It has no meaning.”

The FIPEQ-CSQ is also skeptical about the number of cases that have been reported in the backgrounds of early childhood. The Journal de Québec had revealed at the weekend that only 15 cases have been confirmed, while the COVID-19 key employee of the health on five in Quebec.


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