Career in Ukraine: what specialists are valued the most

Карьера в Украине: какие специалисты ценятся больше всего

In 2019 in Ukraine registered in employment offices was about 288 thousand unemployed. In the state statistics service noted that there is a tendency to reduce unemployment. But in some areas – a very high percentage of “turnover” and needs to update the staff, is reported by analysts portal for example, in the Volyn, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kyiv oblasts and the capital. The correspondent of ГолосUA versed in what is happening in the labor market in Ukraine by the end of 2019.

Why people are looking for work elsewhere

This article could not have been written if not for a chance meeting and life story of how one Ukrainian was looking for a purpose in life and work. The inhabitant of the Kirovograd region Alexey said ГолосUA that came to Kyiv with the aim of earning.

“I took three machines – on one I ride like a taxi driver the other two are my guys. And, you have to understand, many of my friends are leaving regions – or to Kiev to work or to Poland to work. In the regions, especially in small towns, there are no jobs. There you can drink out of despair. And I see that in Kiev a lot of visitors, but they have little money, and paid better than they have at home, but less in order to have enough to rent separate apartments. Because of that, and hostels in Kiev, more and more people need somewhere to live. But in a 3-room apartment lives for 10-12 people, because rental housing is very expensive”, – said the ГолосUA it.

As it turned out, almost all regions of Ukraine salaried employees are offered a lower salary than they would like. This was reported on the website That is, if a job candidate asks for a salary of about 13 thousand, he often can offer only 9-10 thousand per month. The exceptions are the jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural sector. And in the agricultural sector, particularly in private livestock farms in the autumn of 2019 have begun to cut staff, reducing costs, said ГолосUA the head of the Ukrainian Agrarian Rada Andriy Dykun. According to him, farmers began to reduce the number of livestock, preparing your business for losses as a result of introduction of the land market on the terms which can put small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises to the brink of survival.

So the question about the level of wages for Ukrainians today is the key, and from this factor on the labour market depends almost everything. In other words, intangible bonuses (the number of days of leave, the availability of free tours and Wellness sessions in the sanatoria for children, etc.) is not so important.

What it takes to upgrade your staff

As the second decade of October 2019, official salaries in the regions of Ukraine according to the version were within such limits depending on the professional sphere:

Worker – 11 thousand 700 UAH, accounting – 10 thousand 500 UAH, logistics warehouse FEA – 10 thousand 950 UAH, marketing, advertising – 13 thousand 500 UAH, security – 9 thousand 400 UAH, real estate is 18 thousand 600 UAH, in agriculture, agribusiness 14 thousand 600 UAH; education science 11 thousand 500 UAH, sales purchase 14 thousand 300 UAH, and retail – of 9 thousand UAH 808, medicine pharmaceuticals – 11 thousand UAH 150.

According the most significant increase in vacancies can be observed in areas such as “IT Telecom”, “Accounting, management accounting, business Finance, Marketing, advertising, PR”, “Administrative staff”, “career beginnings students”, “Retail”, “HoReCa”. Less active was set in 2019, compared with 2018, jobs for Bank employees in Prospero “Transport, logistics and Construction, real estate”. The most positive dynamics — in the Volyn, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kyiv oblasts and the capital. But employers Central regions, Odesa and Chernihiv regions, placed jobs relatively sluggish.

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The Agency Smart Solutions, which is engaged in selection of personnel, said: to find a candidate for a certain position – not a problem. The problem is to find someone who is efficient, committed and willing to work on this post for a long time. Therefore, HR specialists in 2019, was significantly more work: to search for one reliable candidate can spend up to 5-6 interviews.

By the way, the vacancies in the Ukrainian agricultural sector is 2.5 times more than job seekers: there is an acute shortage of technical specialists, said ГолосUA HR Director of the Agency “Agrijob” Alina Colowick.

“As for jobs on the dairy farms, the most popular veterinarians, technicians, agronomists, engineers, tractor operators, drivers, laborers, machine operators. In the office of the agricultural company requires sales managers, accountants, project managers, translators”, she said.

To retain valuable employees

When the employment process is completed at specific positions, the employer and the Agency that accompanies it in the question of personnel, considerable effort has been made to retain candidate. In this way, companies spend significant time and money HR professionals. For example, the company “Will”, as you know ГолосUA, during a staffing crisis in the call centres in 2011 were willing to consider the idea that, in order to arrange for staff workout in the gym during breaks: staff call centers during operation, spent a lot of time sitting and not enough moving, too tired, and they needed an outlet.

It is also known that in private enterprises in rural areas to retain staff, the employer assumes the cost for the construction of kindergartens and clinics.

According to A. Colowick, in the agricultural companies to retain and motivate staff in the agricultural enterprises, first and foremost, use a reward. But that’s not all employers are doing today to retain valuable employees.

“Also it’s a paid vacation on the basis of rest in Ukraine and abroad; training and development of staff through seminars, trainings, conferences, congresses, etc.” – said the expert.

Good place for a career

Experts on employment say: data Centre employment and state statistics on unemployment in Ukraine should not frighten the population – these data are not a trend. That is an experienced specialist will always find a decent job. Especially now that Ukraine changes the settings of the career. Employers often look for experience of the candidate and his projects, but not on the summary and workbook.

According to ГолосUA Executive Director of the business school “international business Institute” Yuri Zelenin, a lot depends on the motivation of a particular candidate and because, as far as this is consistent with the expectations of the employer.

“I have an intuitive sense that the thesis about the real unemployment in Ukraine is not true. All depends on the motivation of a particular person. After all, when he wants to find a job, even the most unskilled, he will find it, because he need to support a family. And the other missing 100 $ per day, because the sphere of his motivation is limited to beer, sofa and TV. Why would he bother? Will he have a responsible attitude to their work? No, because he is only good for heavy cheap unskilled labour. Can we call him unemployed? Yes, if he decides to earn some money informally, say, a porter to have enough for him for a hundred a day. Because a permanent job due to lack of motivation, it is unlikely to accept,” he says.

Yuri Zelenin has added that in the civil service employment can be a job which is hard to find candidates due to the fact that this work is poorly paid. In addition, the labor market has vacancies, of which employment in the civil service don’t even know, but there is no official registration, you can get a high salary.

“Similar cases are numerous – people perform low-skilled jobs, often without official registration, to be able to obtain a higher income, and at the same time listed “on the exchange” as they put it. The result is very simple to explain the fact that in the employment Service per one vacancy, five people. This is the average. There are unattractive jobs where there may be no competition and no one makes application, and there are those where the contest will be twenty people in the place attractive or in terms of a high and stable level of payment, or flexible working hours or opportunities to work formally and to look for jobs elsewhere. Recently I complained the owner of one of Ukrainian construction companies that are very difficult to find people for low-skilled work, because they come and go, being all the time in search of some other job,” he said.

That is, in 2019 one of the key criteria that can lead candidates for the position, is the right motivation. There is not a very important age of the candidate, but his desire to work and learn.

“We keep statistics on the requirements of the farm managers. Some often say that they need the active initiative youth which is ready to learn, grow, and work effectively with ingenuity. Others are looking for specialists with experience not less than 5 years, who will be able to work on the farm and share the acquired knowledge with the young generation”, – shared with ГолосUA observations of the HR Manager, “Agrojob” Victoria Maydanyuk.

Thus, it is possible to look at the labor market is pessimistic, and it is possible to weigh all “for” and “against”, to brush up on core courses and the rush to conquer the career peaks. Maybe that’s waiting for you on the good work in competitive companies with a reputation as a good employer.

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