Carey Price rested: the fears of the teams are confirmed

Carey Price reposé: les craintes des équipes se confirment

In recent weeks, we told in the scenes of the national hockey League (NHL) that some teams were concerned about the presence of a Carey Price fit and fresh in the playoffs.

In an interview Wednesday with the issuance JiC, network, TVA Sports, the coach of the goalies for the Montreal canadiens, Stephane Waite, has somehow legitimized the fears of these formations, indicating that the guard featured was in excellent provisions at the present time.

“Carey, I spoke to him a few days ago, said Waite. It is ready. He trains every morning. He has the chance to have access to a very good gym. He will be rested mentally, this is what he advised me. Physically also. All he hopes, is to play in the playoffs.”

Waite conceded that the return from the break, the game will probably be disjointed as it tends to be at the beginning of the regular calendar. Even if the guards are often the losers, the former employee of the Chicago black hawks is not concerned by this reality.

“I’m not worried about it, I know that my guards will be ready, said Waite. As I said, the only case that we control, it is to be ready when it will start again, regardless of the date. Claude [Julien] did a very good job to keep everyone in contact. It regularly takes part in meetings that focus on the game systems.”

In addition, the hockey man still hopes to be able to hold his hockey school with young goalkeepers of the province this summer. It remains in waiting for the green light from the Quebec government.

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