Carnival 2019: the date for the celebration and the menu of pancakes

Find out when the Orthodox celebrated Mardi Gras in 2019 and traditions of the holiday.

Масляна 2019: дата святкування й меню млинців

Date Shrovetide – winter farewell 2019, as they say – is associated with Easter as Carnival 2019 is celebrated immediately before lent, informs Rus.Media.

Carnival and Easter 2019 date

Orthodox Easter is Easter 2019 – Ukraine will celebrate on April 28.

Accordingly, the Oil 2019 will be held from 4 to March 10 inclusive. All the days of the Maslenitsa week have names, and Thursday begins the so-called Wide Maslenitsa:

  • Monday – carnival meeting;
  • Tuesday – zaigryshi;
  • Wednesday – gourmet: mother-in-law’s name is on the pancakes with their wives;
  • in a wide Thursday arrange sleigh rides and sledding;
  • Friday – Teschin evening (party): name is already sons-in-law mother-in-law to treat;
  • Saturday – zolovkina gatherings: visit name sisters of the husband.
  • Sunday – “forgiveness Sunday” or “forgiveness day”: the day asking forgiveness from each other, and also hold a farewell pancake, they burned an effigy of Maslenitsa.

Menu, pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes are associated with the sun. In ancient times they ate nothing hands: it was believed that if chop or cut the pancake with a knife, you will land yourself in trouble.

Monday. Better to start with the classics. Choose the most simple pancakes on Shrove Tuesday – and forward. Choosing pancakes – a recipe for water do not miss.

Tuesday. Sweet pancake – perfect day.

Environment. Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday fat – the most delicious, so for “sweet”. Alternatively, it is possible to please the son-in-law pancakes with beer.

Thursday. Pancakes on kefir.

Friday. Great choice – pancakes on milk.

Saturday. For a chick flick perfect pancakes fitness.

Sunday. Super thin pancakes is best suited for a variety of toppings, and the Mardi Gras such need.