“Carrot for the nationalist horse.” Opinion about the course of Ukraine in NATO

"Морковка для националистической лошади". Мнение о курсе Украины в НАТО

© Illustration RIA Novostithe Adoption of Ukraine into NATO will lead to a real war with Russia, says the American Professor Stephen Cohen. No one to take was not going, said the politician Nikolai Starikov. His opinion he told radio Sputnik.
The aspiration of Ukraine in NATO is a direct way to war, I’m sure Professor Emeritus at Princeton University Stephen Cohen, which talks about this in his article “Why are we in Ukraine?” for the magazine The Nation.”For centuries and until now, Russia and large parts of Ukraine have a lot in common – long border, shared history, ethnic, linguistic and cultural proximity, personal relations and strong trade relations and so on. Even after several years of escalating conflict between Kiev and Moscow in 2014, many Russian and Ukrainians think of themselves as one family. The US has almost no commonality with Ukraine,” ‒ said Cohen.According to him, Washington has no vital national interests in Ukraine, and only U.S. goal there – the expansion of NATO. “The crisis of 2014 led this ongoing attempt to make Ukraine a NATO country,” said Cohen.The Professor recalled his prediction six years ago that the attempt to include Ukraine in NATO and to “snatch her from the clutches of Russia” will lead to a crisis, and perhaps to the present war. Cohen believes that the United States should refuse to supply weapons to Ukraine, besides military stores of the country and so populated.The leader of the movement “Patriots of the Great Fatherland” Nikolai Starikov said that the United States has already achieved his goal in Ukraine.
“The outbreak of civil war in Ukraine was the ultimate objective of the crisis that the West hands of Ukrainian nationalists organized in this country in 2014. Therefore, in this sense, everything went according to plan. And talk of a possible adoption of NATO was only a “carrot”, which is waved before the face of the Ukrainian nationalist “horses”. The fact that Ukraine with problems and without problems in NATO can not be accepted in the Alliance are well aware, and do not intend to. Will be a long painful healing process of the wounds that Ukraine itself has caused, after which the “carrot” again hang in front of the “horse”,” ‒ said Nikolai Starikov on radio Sputnik.
In his opinion, the conflict in the Donbas is far from complete.”I really hope that the fighting in the Donbass really will stop. And then finally, parties to the conflict should go in solving this problem. However, Ukraine refuses to talk to Donbass, and this means that reconciliation is almost impossible. How to end the civil war if one side refuses to talk to another? In such a situation happens only two ways: military victory for one side (but we want the cessation of hostilities), or communication between the parties to the civil conflict, which Kiev avoids. So in this paradigm, I don’t see a complete solution of civil conflict”, ‒ said Nikolai Starikov.

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