Cars with crosses and Putin out of the cartridge. What the NAB detained Oleg Svinarchuk

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

Oleg Gladkovsky. Photo of ZiK TV channelYesterday NABOO detained Oleg Gladkovsky, also known under the name Svinarchuk. He is charged with abuse of office. Took it in Borispol, if you attempt to fly to Brussels.

Gladkovsky (aka Svinarchuk), a controversial ally of Poroshenko, who until the spring was Deputy Turchynov, the national security Council. He oversaw the Ukrainian defense industry.

In early spring Svinarchuk and his son got into a scandal, the media published evidence of their involvement in the theft “Ukroboronprom”. After that, Poroshenko dismissed Gladkovsky, but no cases of him or his son did not open.

This story has hammered another nail in the coffin of the presidency Poroshenko. However, after winning the election Zelensky scandalous ex-officer remained at large. And in August, “Country” photographed Svinarchuk on holiday in Spain.

At the same time that Svinarchuk detained now – not officially stated. “Country” understood that will incriminate former officials. And what scandals he is involved at all.

Version 1. The ambulance that broke down

As already mentioned, Oleg Svinarchuk blamed for the malpractice. This information was unveiled NABU – without specifying what the crime meant.

However, the media, citing sources close to the investigation said that the question of the procurement of medical vehicles for the Ministry of defense. They were set by the Corporation “Bogdan”, which was ruled by Gladkovsky and after the transition in the national security Council – remained the owner.

In April of 2018 came the investigation of the magazine “New time”, stating that Gladkovsky and the then people’s Deputy Sergei Pashinsky involved in the theft of “Ukroboronprom”.

Both adorned the cover of the next issue of the publication.

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

In the text, first, dealt with the procurement of overpriced old BMP-1 Polish firm Wtorplast, which, in turn, the acquired technology in the Czech Republic. Another channel of dubious of supply was through the Cyprus offshore company.

The old BPM is registered as upgraded. The publication claimed, all such contracts is supervised by the Deputy head of “Ukroboronprom” Svetlana Lame, who had worked in the company of Oleg Gladkovsky “Bogdan”.

Secondly- and this is closer to the subject of detention Svinarchuk – defense without any tender purchased from “Bogdan” hundreds of ambulances for 32 thousand dollars each.

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

Without a tender because the purchase passed by a secret article in the defense budget. The law allows it. Only here for privacy with a clearly auxiliary to transport (albeit for military purposes)? At that time, Gladkovsky, as a shareholder, “Bogdan”, met in the Ukrainian NSDC. That is, there could be a conflict of interest.

While half delivered under the contract medical car, broke down exactly half (25 of 50). However, the defense Ministry was going to continue purchasing.

Gladkovsky has denied reports that the number of breakdowns, but this fact is recognized by the Corporation, according to the publication. Himself Deputy Secretary of the NSDC said that the blame for poor-quality fuel, which the Ministry of defence bought from the infamous company “trade commodity”.

Interestingly, the detainee on the case of “trade commodity” Deputy defense Minister Igor Pavlovsky wanted to take the court on bail he Gladkovsky.

But back to relationships, “Bogdan” and MO. The Corporation Gladkovsky purchased trucks for the army, which is 10% more expensive than domestic rival – KrAZ Kremenchug, which gives a five year guarantee. While Bogdan – only two years.

After this investigation, Sergei Pashinsky, in the person of his lawyers, threatened to “break” the editorial Board.

Gladkovsky, then, has not commented on the publication of the material. But as today, after the arrest, said “the Country”, his son Igor, first Deputy Secretary after it (that is, in the spring of 2018) wrote a letter of resignation, which was not satisfied.

He also admitted that his father was detained today, including on this occasion.

“They are trying to impute the impact (on purchases of the defense Ministry. – Ed.). That he is not taking part in the management of the Corporation, had an influence on the decision-making, as a shareholder. However, no such facts in nature,” said “Country” son of ex-official.

He also said that his father did not know about such deliveries to the army until there were reports in the press. Trying to show that Gladkovsky Sr. was never involved in the relationship between MO and owned by the Corporation. What, of course, hard to believe.

Version 2. Declaration without a face Putin

The story of medical vehicles may not be the only reason why it is detained eks-the Deputy head of the NSDC.

“Country” has already told that in 2015 it purchased the sculpture, which cost 35 thousand dollars, but not paid for it.

It was a gift for the 50th anniversary of Petro Poroshenko claimed Ukrainian artist Daniel Greene, who says he did not wait for the payment for the sculpture. And Gladkovsky heard the threat and suggestions not to bother him about it.

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

Green and his companion Daria Marchenko are also the authors of the portrait “the Face of war” with Putin, laid out cartridges.

Just today the son of Oleg Gladkovsky Igor said “the Country” that his father bought and also this picture. But don’t put it in the Declaration, for which he was arrested today NABOO, the son of ex-official.

And he is confident that this history major in his father’s business, not procurement of sanitary vehicles. “The Declaration”, – he told “the Country.

However, there is text in suspicion Gladkowska. Therefore, it can be imputed to the other stories. And the former official in General a lot. Remember that it is generally known.

Business partner Poroshenko and the Creator of “Bogdan”

The history of friendship with Poroshenko runs Svinarchuk since 1993: then they are together and Igor Kononenko (the future people’s Deputy from BPP) founded the company “Avtotransservis”, the owner of which was the future President, and the Director – Gladkovsky.

With Poroshenko they served together in the army.

Later Svinarchuk (his real name, Gladkovsky – mother’s maiden name, which he took in 2014), he worked in business structures Alexei Poroshenko – the father of the future President. They have released the bus “Bogdan”, the production of which was supervised Svinarchuk.

Then he led the Corporation “Bogdan”, which released these buses and not only collected cars, including the Russian Lada, and was also a major importer of foreign cars.

Cooperation with Russia was an important element of “Bogdan” under the leadership of Svinarchuk: it lasted and after a transition ally Poroshenko to work in the national security Council. In Russia bought vital for the production of the part.

In 2014 with the coming to power Poroshenko – Svinarchuk changed his name to Gladkovsky and became head of the Interdepartmental Commission on military-technical cooperation and export control of the national security Council. A year later – the first Deputy Alexander Turchinov, who headed the security Council.

Interestingly, in parallel, his company supplied the buses and trolleybuses Ukrainian cities.

Scandals. The Consul of the Seychelles

In activities Svinarchuk was originally distinct offshore footprint. So, in 1998, he even became the honorary Consul of Seychelles. The Consulate was located in the building of the club “Fifth element”, which belongs to Petro Poroshenko.

However, it moved out of there after Gladkovsky joined the national security Council. Apparently, in order not to compromise the President.

In March 2019, the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko told that through this Consulate on the territory of Ukraine through offshore imported 45 original paintings by internationally famous artists – Repin, Malevich, Ayvazovsky, Levitan and others.

The paintings were imported as diplomatic tools for the alleged demonstrations during diplomatic receptions. But in fact, says Nalyvaichenko, dispersed in private collections.

However, this story so far, no procedure has continue. We only know that the Consul is Gladkovsky senior in 2015 is his son Igor.

The defendant in the “Panamanian securities”

As Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Gladkovsky hit in his first major scandal. In 2016 he became involved in the “Panama scandal” caused by the exposure of what offshore companies possess famous people around the world.

So, Svinarchuk was a beneficiary of the company Teckford Investments Financial Corporation in the virgin Islands. He bought her in August 2009 – that is, to the public service. But, according to journalists, in 2015 still listed as the beneficiary.

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

The company, which is owned by Gladkovsky, was associated with Cyprus offshore Vehicles Distribution Holding Limited, which conducted business, including with Russian companies, it was alleged in the investigation of “the Ukrainian truth”.

The official conflict of interest did not see.

“The company was founded by me as a businessman, completely legal compliance with all legal requirements. To open the me has obtained a license of the NBU, the validation of the SBU. What is the sensation? The existence of this company knew everything, and documents about my ownership in this company since 2007 located in the SBU,” – said Gladkovsky.

Later, the journalist Alexander Dubinsky has released an investigation about how Svinarchuk Finance Corporation “Bogdan” through Russian companies. In response, the Deputy head of the national security Council wrote a statement to the SBU, where he called to bring Dubinsky on the article “gosizmena”.

Gladkovsky and son. A major scandal

In the spring of 2019 – just before the first round of presidential elections – program “Our money with Denys Bigus” published correspondence with the participation of the son of Oleg Gladkovsky Igor with owners-strips that were feeding around the “Ukroboronprom”.

They openly discussed how much money you can “cheat” on supplies in public Corporation. Moreover, parts only, from Russia.

In the correspondence lists the names of the Directors of defense plants that are “in the know”, and most importantly, was the name of the Gladkovsky, Sr., who covered scheme on top. Its scale is estimated at 250 million.

There is also the amount of single kickbacks. In their context were presumably Deputy Secretary of the NSDC and the amount personally to him 30 thousand dollars.

Машины с крестами и Путин из гильз. За что НАБУ задержало Олега Свинарчука

“Country” had published this story in two parts – first and second.

Theoretically, this story also falls under the article of NABOO incriminates to the official. However, the son Gladkovsky is on the loose and he is mainly featured in “Svinarchuk gate”. That is, while the delay should have been just Igor Gladkovsky, not his father.

Why Svinarchuk detained now?

Special correspondent of “the Country” Olesya Medvedeva answers this question in the blog “is Clear.I see.”

Olesya Medvedev notes that Zelensky is possible to present a lot of claims. But the fact that he reacts quickly to the public mood is obvious. Any good artist, and ze is a very good actor, must be aware of their audience. So he feels.

Last week, he felt the tension about the formula Steinmeier and withdrawal of troops. Like, zrada, surrender. So he quickly backtracked by cancelling the divorce troops in the Donbas, gave a press conference where actually from formula Steinmeier denied, said he was not familiar with Portnov, who is now actually the one pulling all of the case against Poroshenko.

And at the end of the week, on Friday, the Prosecutor General’s office announced its intention to present a suspicion Elena Lukash former Minister of justice of times of Yanukovych, which, by the way, very actively supported Zelensky from the beginning of the year. And as icing on the cake – the campaign Goncharuk, for a concert featuring neo-Nazi group “sokira Peruna”.

In the end, on October 14, the action of the nationalists all went relatively peacefully. That is, Zelensky “has propeller”.

But then began to rebel the other part of his electorate. To say that Zelensky quite so “sparkomatic”, Ryaboshapka was not a Prosecutor, and a lawyer Poroshenko (Portnov said that the Prosecutor General’s office blocks all proceedings against Poroshenko) and generally Zelensky all deceived to vote for him will no longer.

And these sentiments ze felt it too. And therefore began the movement in the other direction – detained Svinarchuk (and, according to rumors, for to do competed NABOO, the RRT and the Prosecutor’s office), and Ryaboshapka introduced first during the tenure of the submission on the removal of immunity against the odious MP Dubnevich that in last convocation was part of a faction BPP and solved problems on Railways.

But what are the real steps to send Svinarchuk in jail? Or just representation for voters, which after some time ended up that will release him under a personal obligation?

For this you need to follow, not to get how the formula Steinmeier. First publicly about her said, and then handed back.

As a Wake-up call in this sense, we can consider the history of Igor Kononenko, who first arrested on Thursday evening at the airport “Borispol”, and then given the opportunity to fly away from Ukraine. “Worked out”, – told us a source in law enforcement.

Therefore, it is difficult to understand whether current actions are really the beginning of the campaign of planting of corrupt officials of the previous government or just a tactical move to slow down the drop in the rankings.Source

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