Cars without body numbers is illegal

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2014-01-17 15:21

Cars without body numbers is illegal
Among adopted yesterday a controversial law is the law, which introduced automatic photographic images of traffic violations. In particular, it is now prohibited operation of vehicles without identification numbers on the body

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The adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada the bill N3855, which introduced automatic photofixing of violations of traffic rules, contains a provision prohibiting the operation of vehicles without identification numbers on the body. Prior to that, the prohibition applied only the machine number of units which do not meet the entries in the registration documents, destroyed or tampered with.

Penalty for operation of such vehicles ranges from 255 to 340 UAH, in case of repeated violation – from 680 UAH. up to 850 UAH.

According to experts, the Ukrainian roads are operated about 100 thousand such cars. Usually it’s an old machine, released in the 80-ies and 90 -ies, imported to Ukraine by individuals, and cars, for example, after the accident, with the replaced body.

The law closes a possibility of application of illegal schemes of deliveries of cars to Ukraine circulated in the 90s, says CEO of the Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers.

“Was a popular scheme of” bogus hijacking “, when” kidnapped ” their own car, which destroyed numbers of a body

When the car was in the data sheet were made to the marker… the VIN bn Under these documents you can bring as many cars As a rule, wrote that the certificate of registration is lost, then were given a copy

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So you can endlessly get up and lose them, having a dozen of registration certificate with the number of bodies bn

To make license plates is not a problem “, -.. Nazarenko said.

However were outlawed and a large part of the legal vehicles in which, for whatever reason, was replaced by a new body, without a number.

“The question arises, what to do if no number legalized? For example, when you register with a registration authority, the registration certificate prescribed that there is no room. Previously, drivers of such cars could not be fined, the fine is issued in any case. The car can stop on each post of traffic police.”

Legislation is a possibility to sell a car – they cannot pereirai. “. Operation without numbers are also prohibited, This car can conserve, ” – said the expert..

Some experts believe that through this provision the legislators although to force owners of old cars to take them to recycling. We will remind, in Ukraine there is recycling, which involves the construction of reception centres and car recycling. One of the main shortcomings of the law called the lack of mechanisms to encourage owners of old cars to take them to recycling. As one of the options, the government discussed the issue of allocation of funds for the payment of compensation to owners of such cars upon delivery of old cars in recycling centres. However, money is not found.

The expert believes that cars without numbers on the body, all the same it is possible to legalize. “.

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There are specialized organizations who Packed the room After the body that issued the Protocol and the traffic police enters the data in the data sheet “.