Cartoon Nazism. A brief history of Ukraine for young Ukrainians

Мультяшный нацизм. Краткий курс истории Украины для маленьких украинцев

© tnmkmusicIn a carefree Soviet past was considered to be the genre of animation is purely for children. Even if the hedgehog was lost in an existential fog, and bandits gangsteritto was full of negative charm. It seems that the multipliers of Ukraine believe all my fellow greenhorns, sculpt because they are multi-console like “History of Ukraine in 5 minutes”.It is noteworthy that hack job musical band TNMK (Tanok on Maidan Congo) with the support of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine. Sunset on the sensitive and delicate subject of historical memory “through the Alps” — representatives of a mass culture reception Jesuit efficient. Young immature minds, singing Oleg “Bassoon” Mihailutawill “burn” a matrix worldview in those areas, which emphasizes the author of the text Artem Polezhaka. And what does not, it will remain in the scope of this short course of history of Ukraine.

“Stop looking at our past with sadness and regret, the Ukrainians have what to be proud of! And what will happen — depends on you!” — say the creators of the clip.

And it will be interesting to look at the past through a critical lens of analysis of some landmark events. Including those that the authors of DIY — let them live happily ever after until the judgement of history — is not considered a landmark.So the video starts with the big Bang, which can hardly be considered as exclusively belonging to the history of any one ethnic group. Hereinafter referred to Trypillians and Cimmerians — without any reference to Ukraine. Then on the screen, there are Eastern Slavs — the clearing, northerners and other citizens who either beat the adversary, or (in the absence thereof) are brother against brother. Here we must pay tribute to the inherent repertoi culture sarcasm is not foreign and TNMK. Breaking all the chronology in the narrative is introduced by the Apostle Andrew, Kyi, Schek, Horeb and their sister Lybid.

All this pandemonium of legendary and historical personalities does not prevent to say that Kievan princes went to Byzantium, he learned to fear God, bringing Vladimir threw Perun and baptized Rus.

Casually mentioned militant Svyatoslav the Brave, well-read Yaroslav the Wise and Vladimir Monomakh, who “listened to mom and wore a hat.” Until came the Mongol Horde. Then follows a historical somersault, which is fighting, “one soldier in the field” Danila Galitsky, so (?) the growing strength of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Ukraine (?) the image of a girl in colorful wreath from all sides, and endanger the already Polish panstvo, Horde (!) Moscow and Tatar bearmantle.

Later in the clip, the Cossacks began to defend Ukraine, Bohdan Khmelnytsky sdruzhila with kings and “used garbage” (in the cartoon he grows donkey ears and breaking in several places Mace, resembling the drooping male organ), and appear on the horizon riding Dovbush, Karmelyuk, Zaliznyak and Gonta. This Quartet all the famous people’s Avengers and state criminals, together never intended, but collectively have done a lot of remarkable.

Interestingly, Dovbush somehow hid the Baal Shem Tov — founder of Hasidism, having received the pipe from opryshka, a member of the rebel movement in Transcarpathia, however, this episode in the cartoon there is no in the history of Ukraine more than significant contribution to the Jewish people is that who can prevent the pogrom and produce offspring, awarded the Nobel prize.

Speaking of pogroms. It’s about to Gonta and Zaliznyak great Shevchenko wrote in his poem “Haydamaky”. These two historical character led a revolt against the Polish Catholic nobility, called “Koliivschina” (colii specialists in hairpin pigs, knackers). After the capture of Uman (a famous centre of Hasidism) killed at least two thousand poles, including women, children and the elderly. The rebels cut in Uman, all 30-thousand Jewish population. Fighters for the Christian faith, as the historian Karamzin, stabbed women, threw the cats mocked the corpses, forbidding them to bury. It is clear that the authors of animated stories this story is also lowered.

But mentioned Peter graves , the founder of the Academy and “the first hippies in Europe” of the philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda. Checked the time of the birth of Pushkin and the writing of Kotlyarevskii “Aeneid” — say, Alexander in the cradle swayed and words intelligible to say could not, and there is already some work was done by the Ukrainian poet! Nothing, however, that the labor of this translation is essentially the Russian version of the “Aeneid” of Virgil, and not original work.

XIX century, according to the animators, was a time of solid gnobleniya the Ukrainian people — no Zaporizhzhya Sich Hetman there, some suffering is not born a poet. That is not caused by the adherence of the Ukrainian lands as a result of the three partitions of the Commonwealth, there is no transfer of the Highest decree of Emperor Paul I contract fair from Dubno to Kiev, which gave a new breath to the provincial centre of the Ukraine, no war with Napoleon and the Decembrist revolt (a hefty portion of those were in southern society), no, in the end, the Crimean war! So no in short of Ukrainian historiography of Ukrainian Crimea — he obtained this cartoon history of Ukraine was either Tatar or Russian.

Hereinafter referred to Valuev circular and EMS Ukaz, and the construction of Railways is not mentioned. Mentioned Marko Vovchok, Mykhailo Starytsky, Gulak-Artemovsky, Nechuy-Levitsky, Grinchenko, Stefanik Rudansky, Hrebinka, Franco, Kotsyubinsky and Lesya Ukrainka — all completely humanitarian person, moreover — the master of oral and written words. And this in a period of rapid industrial growth, development of ore and coal deposits, attracting foreign capital for the construction of mines, steel plants, engineering industries and all that gave a powerful impetus to economic development of the whole territory of contemporary Ukraine. But not yet in the brief history of the country Alchevsk iron and Gorlova, Graff and Semerenko, Tereshchenko and Gorodetsky — they know a small part of the true patriots of their land. Others, apparently, enough to focus on ardent revolutionaries.

In the XX century, according to music historians, the Ukraine was in the midst of the struggle “all against all” — it first, during the First world war, divided the Empire, and then — Petlyura, Makhno, Vinnichenko and Skoropadsky. The result is that the winner was “the red plague” had Executed Renaissance and famine… And universal literacy did not happen, did not happen the electrification of the country, did not happen Dnieper, Kharkov tractor and much more that still can’t derivateservlet “new Ukrainians”. But — in rhyme, apparently, mentioned the uprising in the Kholodny Yar and soldiers in the station Cool. For Alexei Stakhanov, Pasha angelina , and other advanced production then Ukrainian Donbass rhyme not found.It gets better. To showcase advances shall be made T34 tank. He really was created in KB of the Kharkiv tank factory. But after the order of people’s Commissar of heavy industry of the USSR Sergo Ordzhonikidze Kharkov CB of the Leningrad tank factory was transferred to Mikhail Koshkin with experience on projects of a medium tank. Only TNMK is not so interesting, how to draw tanks, expelling the Germans from right to left and running for them soldiers — no, not in the Soviet form! — and similar to “konfederatki” headdresses of the UPA. Which, as I said, fought on two fronts, while Germany and the Soviet Union figured out who will win.

And then in 1946, again hunger, again Stalin, and then, in the course of the play, comes “Ukrainian Gorbachev”. What is there to be surprised more — to solve to the reader. It is possible that Mikhail Gorbachev wrote in schiry Ukrainian. And it is possible that in the narrative — the failure of the 40 (!) years, during which was post-war reconstruction of downtown and hundreds of cities of Ukraine, millions of square meters of free housing for ordinary workers, the first manned flight into space, under the guidance of a native of Zhitomir Sergey Korolev, Institute of Cybernetics in Kiev, the bus factory and a TV factory in Lvov, and other, and other, and other.

But the independence in 1991 — passing of the destroyers of the socialist system Kravchuk and Kuchma, as well as embezzler with clean hands Yushchenko immediately went in confrontation with Yanukovich. Drawn cocktails, tires and other attributes of mob rule. And here we must draw attention to the fact that the shooting of protesters from hundreds of Heaven is depicted shooting from hotel Ukraine — that is in full compliance with the version of the anti-Maidan investigators. Not evidence, of course, but the subconscious recognition.

Then, of course, the war in the East and calls for glory to Ukraine and glory to heroes.

Brief contents of this micro-historical Saga can be described in several words: strife, struggle for independence, oppression, war. And about the construction, creation and development of well-sung earlier in the hymn of the USSR.

Now we have another task. Because, as written by the producers, “this song is part of the project “memory works”.

But then, as they say, how anyone. Some of the people of Ukraine she works in a cartoon, not selective, and systemically.Ali Serenadin

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