Case Adamus: the patron saint of Dare To Care to leave his position, admits mistakes, but denies payments to victims

Affaire Adamus: le patron de Dare To Care quitte son poste, admet des erreurs mais nie des paiements aux victimes

In the turmoil following allegations of sexual misconduct regarding Bernard Adamus, president of the record label Dare To Care has just announced that he quit his duties.

In a message he published on his page Facebook, Eli Bissonnette has admitted that he would have to end earlier to his business association with Bernard Adamus, he was aware of rumors about the singer and that his own actions, remarks, relations as a figure of authority “were not necessarily peer-to-peer”.

It has, however, denied strongly to have paid off victims to keep silent, as the support of the people who have commented on the revelations about Bernard Adamus on the social networks.

“Is it that I was aware of the rumours concerning? Yes. Is what I have already tried to dig to understand what we were facing? Yes, but not enough. Is it that I knew everything? No. Is what I have already tried to silence anyone? No. Is it that I have already paid a sum of money to silence someone? Never life; I would not have been able to look at myself in the mirror. Is it that I made the decision to continue to work with Bernard Adamus? Yes. Is it that it was a mistake? Yes. I denounce and I assume. I condemn any form of violence. I acknowledge that [n’]acting, I’ve been complicit in a system that keeps the victims in the silence”, wrote Mr. Bissonnette.

“I wish, says he further, ask concrete actions in order to continue my reflection, my personal journey and to fight against this system of abuse of which I have too long turned a blind eye.”

He said to leave Dare To Care so that the work and reputation of employees and of the artists represented by the label “to be completely dissociated from [s]he words and [s]he gestures”.

Cœur de pirate breaks with Bissonnette

The case Adamus has had repercussions in other artists Dare To Care. Cœur de pirate has just announced that it is breaking its links stewardship with Eli Bissonnette.

“I explained to me in not long”, she informed its subscribers of social networks. “Thank you for giving me the time to express myself on the subject, which is painful/complex.”

The sisters Boulay: “It was the ostrich”

The scandal has also indirectly splashed the sisters Boulay, who was until recently a partner of the label, with the folk singer.

On Instagram, Mélanie and Stéphanie Boulay admitted that they were aware of “certain allegations unacceptable”.

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A publication shared by The sisters Boulay (@lessoeursboulay) on 9 Jul. 2020 10 :48 PDT

“The problems, they revealed, had been addressed [sic] and the explanations / justifications / promises of improvement we had met at the start. Had we access to all the information? No. But has there been an ostrich, afraid of losing feathers? Yes.”

They have indicated that they will not renew their contract with Dare To Care. “But we could do more. It was hypocritical and inconsistent.”

“Sex and alcohol are too often poorly mixed”

Bernard Adamus has admitted to having been “vulgar, rude, arrogant and very drunk too often, a few hours after having been dumped by his record label Dare To Care following allegations of sexual misconduct against a social network.

In a long message of apology posted on Instagram, the folk singer has made a long mea culpa in which he argues that “sex and alcohol are too often poorly mixed in [s]a very turbulent life for the past 10 years in the music industry here”.

“My apologies,” he adds later, will not change the facts, and to be here to you write it, makes me see that I need to work harder on my faults, my habits and my behaviour with women.”

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A publication shared by Bernard Adamus (@bernard_adamus) 8 Juil. 2020 at 6 :52 am PDT

Adamus suggests that it has started to address his alcohol problem and that it is more than time “to give a big bang bar in [s]on existence.”

He will take a break to work on himself. “It goes without saying that I have an immense amount of work to do on me before we continue anything.”

“To all the women that I have offended [sic], I apologize deeply. I am open to the conversation, I’m not hard to find. Thank you for reading. Once again, I apologize.”

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