Case Brendan Leipsic: five other athletes streamed through the social networks

Cas Brendan Leipsic: cinq autres sportifs coulés par les réseaux sociaux

Some of the opinions expressed on the social networks come sometimes play nasty tricks. In this digital age, athletes are not immune to the impact that their conversations will have on their career.

The attacker of the Washington Capitals Brendan Leipsic has learned the hard way Friday, as released by his team for having spoken in the back of his team-mates on Instagram in addition to go comment misogynist.

Here are a few other sports personalities who have lost their jobs because of social networks:

Stefan Logan

Important member of the Montreal Alouettes as a specialist in returns, kick, Stefan Logan has been suspended and then released by the team in July 2019.

In the wake of offensive comments kept in the place of a supporter on Instagram, the veteran 38-year-old was forced to repent. By press release, the montreal-based organization had called the speech of Logan of”inexcusable” and said that consequences would follow.

A week later, the Sparrows announced his release and his replacement by the young Marcus Taylor.

Bryan Colangelo

In 2018, the president of the Philadelphia 76ers Bryan Colangelo has had to leave his position by reason of the acts of his wife, Barbara Bottini. It took care of several Twitter accounts who openly criticised the athletes of the organization of the NBA and that put in value her husband.

Colangelo pleaded his cause, saying that his wife had acted independently and that he could not be held responsible for derogatory comments made on the social network. The fifty-year-old has been forced to tender his resignation.

Don Jones

The year 2014 was a year of opening for the NFL, which has hosted a first player who is openly homosexual within its ranks. At the very end of the consolation bracket, the Rams of St. Louis have tried their luck with Michael Sam, who has never had a great career, but that has shaken the foundations of the conservative NFL.

All of this has not pleased the half safety of the Miami Dolphins Don Jones, who went from derogatory comments such as “horrible” and “omg [Oh my god]” on his Twitter account about the selection of Sam in the seventh round and the kiss that he gave to his buddy.

Jones was quickly suspended and forced to follow an educational program. Back with the team at the end of the month of may 2014, however, he was released for good in August.

Michel Morganella

Without, however, losing its main job, the soccer player, switzerland’s Michel Morganella is himself deprived of the experience of his life by being expelled from the London olympic Games in 2012.

Following a defeat of the country lead switzerland in the face of South Korea, the player of 23 years has poured out his gall on Twitter by going one-note racist towards the representatives of the asian country.

Morganella is no longer playing with the national team since the incident, but has pursued his professional career in Italy and Switzerland.

Jermaine Whitehead

Criticized after a game for a game that cost his team a victory, the half safety of the Cleveland Browns Jermaine Whitehead has packed on social networks in November 2019.

Referred to from all sides on Twitter, including by the former player Dustin Fox, Whitehead went to comments and violent threats of death, saying among other things “there would be blood”. His account was quickly deleted, and the Browns have called his comments ” unacceptable. He was subsequently placed in runoff.

Whitehead eventually apologized, but only for his performance during the game against the Denver Broncos.

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