Case Epstein: her ex-collaborator, Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in the United States

Affaire Epstein: son ex-collaboratrice Ghislaine Maxwell arrêtée aux États-Unis

Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-collaboratricede Jeffrey Epstein, accused by several of the alleged victims of the latter have helped to recruit, was arrested Thursday in the United States and charged with trafficking of minor, almost a year after the suicide in prison of financial new york.

The daughter of the ex-magnate, british Robert Maxwell, 58 years old, was arrested “without incident” in the town of Bradford, New Hampshire, indicated to the AFP a spokesman for the FBI in Boston. It was to be presented to a federal judge in the day.

According to the indictment, which was for a time the girlfriend of the financial will be charged with six counts, including trafficking of underage girls, to have helped Mr. Epstein in attacks some of which dates back nearly 20 years.

The office of the prosecutor of Manhattan has announced a press conference at noon (local time) to present the chiefs held against this woman who was the head of the list of alleged accomplices of the financial since the latter committed suicide in his prison in August 2019.

A spokesman confirmed that she had been charged for ” his role in the sexual exploitation of underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein “.

Several alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein said they had been “recruited” by Ghislaine Maxwell, on the pretext of massages including.

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, holder of several passports, is a rebound the major scandal: Jeffrey Epstein was a figure of the international jet-set, including the address book had many celebrities in Europe and the United States, including prince Andrew or former u.s. president Bill Clinton, before he is arrested, then he is hanging in his cell in new york in August 2019.

Disappeared in the traffic

Ms. Maxwell had disappeared from circulation since the arrest of the financier. Many rumors had raced, relayed by the tabloids the british, on the places where she could be found, but investigators in new york have always remained silent on his fate or on the event of his arrest.

The investigators, who had promised to track down any possible accomplices of Jeffrey Epstein, were particularly focused on the prince Andrew, second son of queen Elizabeth II, accusing him of pretending to want to cooperate with the american justice in this case.

He is compelled for months to explain what he knew of the activities of Jeffrey Epstein, a case that plagues the british crown.

In court documents published in August 2019, a woman, Virginia Roberts, claims to have had sexual relations with the prince, to which Epstein would have constraint, when she was 17 years old.

The duke of York has always denied these allegations, but the publication of a photo showing Virginia Roberts at that time bound by the prince, has fueled all the speculation, as well as a shot showing the prince spotted out for a stroll in New York with the financial while the latter had already been convicted and jailed for prostitution in 2008.

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