Case Harvey Weinstein: Flavie Flament think that the producer would have been unmasked much earlier

Flavie Flament at the festival of fiction of La Rochelle on September 15, 2017 — DAVID NIVIERE/SIPA

Flavie Flament welcomed “the snow ball effect that releases the word” of the victims of Harvey Weinstein. Since a few days, the countless victims of the famous american producer tell how they were raped, assaulted or harassed. The facilitator French also welcomed the early decision by the Weinstein Company to dismiss the founder of the group. And yet, Flavie Flament regrets that this scandal
having spent so many years to burst, as she had stated
on LCI in the show 24 hours Pujadas.

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Itself concerned first and foremost by the difficulty of bearing witness for victims of rape, Flavie Flament has made the parallel with his own personal history.
The author of The Consolation has recently revealed that she was raped at the age of 13 years, by the photographer David Hamilton. According to it, the personality of Harvey Weinstein, the powerful producer in hollywood, has prevented for years the scandal burst out : “These are powerful figures. I think that there is the power of the artistic image. It would be forgiving of artists who are rapists on the grounds that they would have a certain genius. Already this is something that to me offends me, and I take offense especially as I have lived, me “.

See the signals

Flavie Flament has strongly regretted that the sexual predator was able to act with impunity for decades : “there were signals, there were still rumors. I think that these signals, in general, are obvious, but we don’t want to see them, they don’t want to hear that it has a tendency to stay away from it and it is as well as the predators continue blithely méfaire and mowing becomings “.

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Making again the parallel with his personal story, Flavie Flament believes that the responsibility is collective in cases of this kind : “from the moment we see an old photographer who walks around naked with little girls 13 years of age, I think that the opinion must be alert, I think that we are all responsible to a kind of blindness, because face the truth, that is, we confront many questions “.