Case WE Charity: the conservatives are demanding that Trudeau is explained

Affaire WE Charity: les conservateurs exigent que Trudeau s'explique

The conservative Party demands that the prime minister Justin Trudeau testifies before the standing Committee on finance, in the context of hearings to shed light on the scandal WE Charity.

Mp Pierre Poilievre has said, Sunday, that he account claim on Monday that Mr. Trudeau and the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, to be added to the list of witnesses that will be heard by the commission. The conservative Party hopes to obtain the support of the Bloc québécois and the NDP for this measure to go forward.

“If Justin Trudeau has nothing to hide, he will agree to appear. If he refuses and that he is hiding, we are going to use the means provided in our parliamentary system to force it to answer the questions,” has threatened the member of parliament for Carleton at the press conference.

“We need answers. It is not in a dictatorship. It is not a country that allows our leaders to pay billions of dollars to their friends […]. We are a country where the heads should be accountable and responsible,” said Mr. Poilievre.

A program “unnecessary”?

The prime minister found himself in the embarrassing, to the end of June, because a contract of nearly$ 20 Million given out without tender by the federal government to WE Charity to administer a program of scholarships for students with a budget of more than$ 900 Million. Since then, it has been revealed that the organization has many links with the family Trudeau, as well as with the family, Morneau.

However, Pierre Poilievre goes so far as to question the merits of the Scholarship program, canadian volunteer student (BCBE), which, according to him, is encroaching on the role played by the Canada summer Jobs program.

“This whole matter comes in the entourage of the Trudeau. And it’s not just the public service. We know this because there is already a program in the public service that Mr. Trudeau claimed to bring. […] It would have been able to simply extend the Canada summer Jobs program”, said the politician, wondering if Mr. Trudeau could have asked its staff to recommend the award of the contract to WE Charity.

Asked to comment, the office of the prime minister had not provided any statement in the late afternoon.

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