Cashiers are much more popular than civil servants and business people

Cashiers much more popular than civil servants and business people

Quebecers have twice as much trust in cashiers than in ministers and deputies, reveals a survey by the Institute for Confidence in Organizations (ICO) obtained by Le Journal.

“We have worked with the cashiers a lot over the past six months. We have seen how important the food sector is. Cashiers, delivery people, farmers … all the people who were perhaps taken for granted before the pandemic are emerging in force, ”analyzes Donald Riendeau, CEO and co-founder of the Institute for Confidence in Organizations (ICO).

This is one of the findings of the first edition of the Trades Confidence Indicator (ICM) published today, which measures the confidence that Quebecers have in 76 trades.

“We realize how essential their profession is to our lives,” notes Donald Riendeau.

Essential trades

The survey carried out between August 25 and September 2 takes the pulse of Quebecers plunged into a historic pandemic, which seems to have forever marked their opinion on certain professions, such as that of cashiers, who find themselves in fifth place in the survey.

Cashiers much more popular than civil servants and business people

Donald Riendeau
General Manager of the ICO

“Before, it was just the trades that treated us that stood out, such as ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses, firefighters. We are now realizing that there is a second category that ensures our survival, such as cashiers and postmen, ”explains Donald Riendeau.

According to him, more efforts should be made by professional orders and professional associations to demonstrate that dishonest people are a minority and to put forward good examples.

“It's a bit the same in the media sector with journalists, public relations and advertising, who have sometimes had a bad reputation,” he dropped tit for tat.

For Roxanne Larouche, communications manager for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (TUAC), which represents more than 15,000 cashiers in Quebec, the survey results clearly reflect the general feeling of people towards these workers in the shadow.

” Direct contact “

“Cashiers have direct and privileged contact with customers. They are part of their daily life. We are very proud that the population shows their appreciation to them in this way, ”she said.

The truckers, in the 25th place, are entitled to the respect of Quebeckers, who have seen them hard at work traveling thousands of kilometers in the midst of a pandemic to fetch the fruits and vegetables to feed them.

Stéphane Lebrun has been a driver at Groupe Robert for 23 years. He claims to have felt the immense wave of love that Quebeckers have for truckers since the start of the pandemic.

“The population is aware of the fact that truckers have contributed directly to their well-being during the pandemic, while the contribution of politicians is perhaps less apparent”, analyzed Stéphane Lacroix, spokesperson for the Teamsters, who represent more than 5,000 truckers.

Business owners

At the back of the pack, business leaders (55th rank) fare better than bankers (64th) or advertisers (74th rank).

“In my opinion, trades closely linked to our money or which are portrayed in films as thieves (lawyers, bankers, tax specialists, etc.) already have a lack of confidence or, I could say, a certain mistrust. ”

When we ask the Director General of the ICO, Donald Riendeau, if these figures are set to change drastically in the coming years, he spontaneously replies that no.

“I don't think trust in them will decrease. It would surprise me if they were to tumble after COVID-19. We now know them ”, he concludes, specifying that he wishes to measure each quarter with his partner BIP Recherche the evolution of this curve.

A few years ago, the firm Léger Marketing carried out a similar survey called the “Barometer of professions”. The Institute for Confidence in Organizations (ICO) therefore wanted to take over with this new indicator.

Jobs that Quebecers now respect to the highest point

Overnight with the pandemic, lesser-known trades such as cashiers and truck drivers have become essential in the lives of Quebecers, who today have great respect for their work.

“The people said to themselves: 'Oh! My God, if they're not here, what do we do? ”. I have a teacher friend who called me up and said, “Wow, I didn't know you were that essential! “. It made me happy ”, laughs Stéphane Lebrun, driver at Groupe Robert, hooked in Rougemont.

Like him, thousands of Quebec truckers have felt a real wave of love during the worst moments of the pandemic in recent months.

“I'm happy with that,” continues Stéphane Lebrun. It is a profession that has been neglected over time. He was frowned upon for many years. Seeing this really warms my heart that the population realizes that jobs like that are essential. ”

Soon more young people?

According to the Trades Confidence Indicator (TMI) released today, which measures public confidence in 76 trades, truckers rank 25th with a high level of confidence.

“Often, unfortunately, it is gray heads in the trucks, there are not many young people because manual trades are denigrated. I hope that will change. The average age is quite high, thank you, ”says Stéphane Lebrun.

To talk

At the Promenades Saint-Bruno, Odette Pedneault, commercial manager of Bodyskin, formerly Caleçons Vos Goouts, was surprised to learn that the cashier profession was one of the most respected in Quebec, in 5th place, with a very high level of confidence. .

Odette Pedneault, manager of the Bodyskin des Promenades Saint-Bruno, said she was surprised by the survey results.

” I'm surprised. I believe that we may have more opportunity to enter into a relationship with them and to develop a relationship of trust than with a specialist doctor who we will see once a year ”, he added. she pointed out.

According to her, a cashier is someone you see regularly to chat, which facilitates the relationship of trust.

“People need to have figures who are close to them. With masks, it's difficult, but we work a lot with looks. We smile with our eyes. This communication helps to build trust, ”she concludes.


  1. Airline pilots
  2. Paramedics
  3. Firefighters
  4. Nurses
  5. Cashiers
  6. Opticians-Optometrists
  7. Factors
  8. Speech-language pathologists and audiologists
  9. Medical specialists
  10. Hairdressers

Source: Business Confidence Indicator (ICM)


  1. Used car dealers
  2. New car dealers
  3. Advertisers
  4. Deputies, ministers
  5. Trade unionists
  6. Priests and pastors
  7. Insurance brokers
  8. Real estate brokers
  9. Mayors
  10. Officials

Source: ICM

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