Castro: it is Important to keep the style and not to turn our way

Каштру: Важно сохранять стиль и не сворачивать с нашего пути

– Why didn’t Tyson?
– This game will be demanding. It is important to count on all players. Tyson did not come because of injury. But we need to focus on those players who can play. We try to be themselves. The team played tactically always the same. We will not change tactics. It is important to keep our DNA and not to turn our way.

– If you were a journalist, what would be asked of Guardiola?
Never felt like a journalist and don’t know that I would ask. Everyone does their job. I can’t formulate a question.

– Attacking football in the match with “Manchester city” can end Shakhtar’s bad. You are not going to make a change?
– When there are two teams, every coach sticks to his tactics and style. We have analyzed the match with “Manchester city” in Kharkov. The percentage of ball possession was 55 to 45. And for these 55% of Manchester city created more chances than we do. We will try to show our football. We are not going to play defensively. We went knowing that it would be difficult, but we will look for ways to the gate, “Manchester city”.

Tyson was suspended for one match in Ukraine. If it’s the right decision and how do you feel about racism?
– This is a complex topic. Any person in the course of life can be wrong. There is racism, it exists. There are many things you should avoid. In Ukrainian football racism is a rare phenomenon, I encounter it for the first time. In any case, this is a bad phenomenon. The decision regarding taison is already taken, and we have to put up with it.

– Which group matches of the tournament did you find the most emotional?
– If to speak about performances of Shakhtar in the Champions League, we had interesting moments. So it was in Zagreb with Dinamo, playing with Atalanta, home against the same Dynamo. Matches in the Champions League is unique. Our team is fantastic in this season. I hope that we will continue to go forward. Me as a coach these games like.

– How to motivate a team before a game, except for the standings?
One of the key components of our team respect. Respect to the work, fans, opponents and so on. My team is present. To be in the Champions League is a huge motivation. So you’re among the best. We must do our best to try and show what we’re about. What other matches you see around the world? When the team plays in the domestic League with the weaker teams, they need motivation, they need to motivate players. In the Champions League is already a motivation by itself.

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