Cat – index of human well-being

The animal is also a symbol of peace and protects the house from evil spirits.

Кішка - показник благополуччя людини

Cheerful and successful people cat causes only positive emotions. Interestingly, we smile, even when a furry creature rubbing against pants of French Terry or tear of expensive tights. But there are people that cats are not companions. I think that there is nothing strange and everyone has their own taste preferences? It is actually much more complicated, informs Rus.Media.

Cats have extraordinary ability

If you think that the cat is in the trap, something very wrong. This magical animal has a unique bioenergy system. The cat may get into resonance with your biofield of the person performing the correction, feeding, and sometimes recovery. Perhaps you have heard about their ability to “cure” headaches or relieve stress.

The stories of the owners cats about how after talking with my favorite, they disappear headaches, normal blood pressure, not a fable. Any failure in our body is invariably manifested in the form of distortion energy of the aura, the cat feels it and rushes to help.

Кішка - показник благополуччя людини

The cat is a high – tech sensor, which can be used to determine the level of well-being. If everything is normal, the indicator fluffy is calm, and if the indicators are falling – starts nervous. Also the animal – a great conflict. The owners murok not noticed how the “family therapist” calms wronged in the scandal of a human or restores the balance of the punished child.

Кішка - показник благополуччя людини

Cat diagnose karma

As a rule, if a person hates all cats, without exception, it means that her life is not so simple. You should try to infuse it with positive emotions, find meaning and set goals. Perhaps, then, in the house of such a person will see a cute fluffy pet with intelligent green eyes.

Кішка - показник благополуччя людини