Catastrophic sex-expedition! How syphilis came to Europe and turned the whole story

2017-08-21 12:27

Catastrophic sex-expedition! How syphilis came to Europe and turned the whole story
The terrible realities of the dark Ages.

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The French disease, or syphilis a horrible of venereal disease that decimated thousands of people in the era of the European Renaissance, reports Rus.Media. According to the basic theory of the origin of this disease, it brought the sailors from the expedition of Columbus to America.

Columbus sailed West in search of a new route to India and found a new continent and a surprise to the Europeans diseases. In 1493 expedition Navigator returned to his native Europe, bringing with them cocoa, tobacco, tropical fruits and a deadly infection.

It is likely that the Indians slipped foreigners spoiled white women to punish them for their immense impudence. At first the sailors were not provided proper attention sverny in the groin area. On returning home they immediately rushed to the brothel to port whores, and then it started.

Courtesans served healthy clients, infecting them, the sailors dispersed across the continent spreading the illness to the new land. They were particularly concerned about the rash and what is between his legs itched all the more.

The first who thought to go to the doctor for help, was the captain of the “Nina”, which was part of the expedition of Columbus, Vincent Pinzon.

However, the spread of the disease largely contributed to the king of France Charles VIII. The young man wanted to prove himself and his 15-year-old wife that he is a great conqueror, so went to war against the Kingdom of Naples.

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The king’s army was international. Is almost entirely composed of mercenaries, among whom were the seamen. Collecting 30 thousand men, the French king decided to entertain them by hiring 800 prostitutes for their services.

Naples quickly fell to the onslaught of soldiers and Charles VIII declared himself king of Naples and Jerusalem, and at the same time Emperor of the East. To celebrate, he made a feast and a two-month Orgy, which was visited by hundreds of Italian courtesans.

The soldiers began to be infected with syphilis, which made them unfit for combat. The Italians rallied and with the support of the Spaniards drove the French from their lands, but they have already managed to share with them venereal disease.

At first people thought that syphilis came from the cannibalism and sex with horses. The clergy called it God’s punishment for fornication and other sins. However, who needed horses, if enough prostitutes?

So syphilis has spread in Europe, looked to North Africa and even reached Japan in 1512.

The disease greatly affected the course of history. It is because of syphilis, the Christian Church split, which saw the emergence of the puritans. After all, people have an example, that a dissolute life is punishable by the Lord.

Also, due to the illness in Vogue white wigs, as the hair of the infected mercilessly fell out and left a huge void. There were even new types of contraception.

Top combat the effects of the disease became plastic surgery. The doctors thought to cut pieces of skin from the patient’s arm and sew them instead of off the nose.

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However, despite the fact that syphilis was trying to fight, and the Church has been active in the promotion of chastity, the people led a dissolute life. Europeans often left our world from the French disease than from war or famine.

As for the origin of the disease name, it came up singing and doctor Girolamo frakastoro. He described all the symptoms and came up with a story in which a shepherd named Sifry decided to try sex with pigs, for which he was severely punished.

So, quite unexpectedly, the expedition to the New world turned into not only the biggest success in the world of geographical discovery, but also a terrible tragedy for medicine. Along with the exotic fruits, the sailors of Columbus awarded the Europeans are not less exotic sore.

However, if this disease, the story would not be interesting.