Catherine Kuhar told what to do if the flu knocks you off your feet

Екатерина Кухар рассказала, что надо делать, если простуда сбивает с ног

“When the disease knocks you down with the usual rhythm, you know…. mom and grandmother were right when they said in childhood: “Health is most important! And for any money you will not buy it…!” During his “sick”, I remembered a lot of home remedies from my childhood that helped me quickly get on his feet without antibiotics
Share with you…” — she wrote.

So, prima ballerina recommends drinking plenty of fluids: “If you drink tea, it is IMPORTANT that it was warm but not hot (if a sore throat to avoid irritation)”, she said. Catherine Kuhar advises to drink tea with raspberries or currants, honey, lemon, ginger…

And gargle: “Rinse: chamomile (warm), salt+soda+a drop of iodine. From three to six times a day. The inhaler is better to use after did this procedure. The nose is rosehip oil, juice of aloe leaf, torn on the sill of the grandmother.”

Prima ballerina added that her advice does not exclude medical advice.

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