Catherine Sénart: the difficult aftermath of “Marguerite Volant”

Catherine Sénart: les difficiles lendemains de «Marguerite Volant»

MONTREAL | An extraordinary experience, but of the tomorrows that have disillusioned. This is how, 25 years later, Catherine Sénart perceives Marguerite Volantseries of history of which she held the title role, and HERE ARTV is played currently.

It was a golden opportunity for the actress, as it had previously been discovered in Watatatow, Marilyn and The heirs Duval, among others.

Catherine Sénart had the mid-twenties, had been a graduate of the national theatre School four years earlier and had obtained the character of Marguerite Volant after “multiple hearings”. Few actresses have declined this possibility to slip into the majestic stitched dresses of lace from the 18th century to Marguerite Volant, which were comprised of between 2500$ and 5000$ for the room. And that was one of the last sagas of the era “heavy” filmed in Québec.

“In retrospect, it was impossible to refuse such a contract, observes Catherine Sénart in an interview. It has been a wonderful experience, from the beginning to the end of the shoot, but that’s a little bit wrong at the end. This is the life, and it happens to other players too.”

Price to pay

To be able to turn this fresco camped out in 1763, in the context of the abandonment, by the king Louis XV, of the New-France in the hands of the British, through the Treaty of Paris, the young Catherine Sénart should be fully available for production in the summer of 1995 and half of 1996.

She had had to refuse other commitments, and even to withdraw a project for which it had signed the contract. Dilemmas will be inevitable, but the consequences have been severe, for the career of the new Marguerite.

“I couldn’t miss an experience like that, but there is a price to pay for that, and I paid for it”, admits upfront Catherine Sénart.

“For me, it has never been the same. Before, I worked a lot, I was an actress in demand. Having been obliged to break contracts, it was certain that the people concerned don’t réengageraient never. And the series has not been very well received in the middle. Finally, this is my interpretation. It has been really difficult, and I have never been in demand after. I’ve got some great meetings, I’ve had good contracts, but it was on another mode, a lot more at idle and a roller coaster.”

His colleague, Pascale Bussieres, who plays his sister Eleonore in fiction, became a star two years earlier, thanks to White and had advised Catherine: his career was going to take off in the arrow, once Marguerite Volant released, and his life would never be the same.

“It is true that my life has never been the same, but not in the sense that she had predicted”, says Catherine Sénart, laughing, acknowledging in the same breath that embody a title role in the tv may be “casse-gueule”.

Formula 1

Gold, Catherine Sénart insists: these findings fall under his personal impressions, and she has only praise to make with regard to the director Charles Binamé (“a beautiful meeting of art”, she says), of his playing partners Michael Sapieha, Véronique LeFlaguais, Pascale Bussières and Pascale Montpetit, and the rest of the team of Marguerite Volant, which shot his scenes in Saint-Paulin, in Mauricie.

“It was really a in Formula 1,” she says.

Furthermore, ecri is pleased to know that the public has been much appreciated by Marguerite Volant and it still shows.

“There are still people who recognize me thanks to this series, which, however, had only 11 episodes. I believe that this is a series that needs to stay alive in the long term, which ought to be reviewed. Everyone has worked hard and well on this production.”

Catherine Sénart will be in the upcoming film by Yan England, a thriller, for the moment, called Sam, with Stéphane Rousseau, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Mylène Mackay.

Marguerite Volant, burst, on Sunday, from 12h to 16h, ICI ARTV. Rebroadcasts: Wednesdays, from 20h to midnight, and Saturday, from 8am to 12pm.

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