Cathy Wong, the first president of the Montreal city council

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The new president of the municipal council of Montreal, Cathy Wong

If Valérie Plante has appointed Cathy Wong for the presidency of the municipal council of Montreal, it is not only because it is a woman, but also because it is, according to the mayor, the best person for this position.

Cathy Wong becomes the first president of the municipal council of the history of Montreal. But it is also the first time that an opposition member is appointed to these functions.

“We considered other people, but what I really wanted, is that it has a first president. It is a strong gesture, it is a message sent and it is this that Montrealers wanted “, explained Valérie Plant Friday afternoon. “To be a member of the opposition was not a prerequisite. I wanted to work with the best person for the job. “


Feminist activist, Ms. Wong was the chair of the Board of Montreal before launching a policy last September. Courted by the two main parties, she had finally accepted the offer of Denis Coderre to become a candidate in the district of Peter-McGill.


Even if she has just been elected for a first mandate, it supports hold the experience required to oversee the debates of the municipal council and assume other tasks related to the function. “This is not the first time that I will preside over a meeting. I had the opportunity to preside over many of them in the past, whether in the Council of Montreal, in various organisms, or simulations as to the City They MTL “, she said.


It will have its baptism of fire on Monday as a meeting of the municipal council is provided. “I am confident that it will be okay. I will not be the only one to experience a first, as there are several new ones, she reported.


Cathy Wong will be asked to leave the caucus of Team Denis Coderre, but she will remain a member of this political formation.


As president of the municipal council, Cathy Wong will preside at meetings and take care of the protocol activities of the hotel de ville. “She will be the face of the elected representatives montreal,” insisted Valerie Plant.


Recall that the mayor had previously wanted to include Cathy Wong within its executive committee, but the negotiations had failed.


The leader of the opposition in the interim, Lionel Perez, will lose a member of his caucus, but according to him, ” this is a win-win for Montreal.” “I am very proud of the appointment of Cathy Wong. This is a historic moment. I am confident that it will perform its tasks in an outstanding way “, he said.

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