Cats can also fall in love!

Every day the cat comes into the house of neighbors and invites her on a walk.

Коти теж можуть закохуватися!

You believe that animals have feelings too and can be very loyal? Here’s a great example. One cat who lives in the UK, every day, without missing even once, runs to a neighbor’s house to see his cat, informs Rus.Media.

This pretty cat, very beautiful. His name is Ralph. Color – “tabby” or “tabby” the figure on wool characteristic of the small cats, small. On the face they have fine lines. They are very clearly expressive and frame the eyes. How this would be created on the forehead of the animal the letter “M”.

Now, such a handsome, handsome man picked out a nearby “lady”. She, too, noticed, singled out, that is, from the crowd. They met and realized that are made for each other. Since then, walk together, play together.

Коти теж можуть закохуватися!

The owner of Nala (name the cat) writes online that Ralph never misses a day not to see naloy. Coming home and waiting for his girlfriend at the gate.

Can stand at the door for a long time. A real lover!

Коти теж можуть закохуватися!

Finally, owners of cats, to which came the knight out, door open. He comes boldly, confidently. Greets household. Then approaching his cute heart cat rubs his head on the head of Nala and her nose kisses.

Коти теж можуть закохуватися!

Both seal very happy with each other. If the feline gentleman is delayed, the Cash itself is strongly sent out to look for him.

Коти теж можуть закохуватися!

Despite this affection, wondering at it, the owners of the Channels themselves become just adore Ralph. Treat him like he is their pupil. These touching visits for them – joy, entertainment, pleasure. They are willing to take Ralph to himself. But how? Because the cat already has a home, which he loves and they him too.

That’s such an unusual story!