Cats “capture” the car of the girl who forgot to close the window – VIDEO

Коты «захватили» автомобиль девушки, которая забыла закрыть окно - ВИДЕО

In the US cats got into the girls car and jumped wildly around the cabin.

Reports with reference to Usa.One.

Jessica rice visited their grandparents in the city of Hemingway in South Carolina, and forgot to close the window of your car when you came out of it. When the girl came back, we saw 5 stray cats running around inside her car.

The girl approached the car, and the cats started to run, jumping on the car and looking out. They again and again jump to the front of the machine, not realizing that their path is barred by glass. After a while, one by one, they quickly fled. The owner of the car Jessica rice laughs out loud and says, shooting it on video.

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