#cavabienaller becomes a trademark

#cavabienaller devient une marque de commerce

The founder of the movement #cavabienaller in Quebec, Gabriella Cucinelli, has decided to file an application for registration of the trade mark for the benefit of the charity Canteen for all.

It assigns the license to the charity panquébécois the Canteen for all that brings together the organisations and collective businesses wishing to develop their food services to better meet the needs of their customers.

In this way, Mrs. Cucinelli wants to help combat the food insecurity that affects more and more Quebecers in this period of crisis.

“In a few days, the movement has taken a increase in magnitude over time”, shared Ms. Cucinelli, who resides in Quebec city.

Originally from Italy, this is the mother of the family that is credited with the first publication on Facebook of the message #cavabienaller with the arc-en-ciel, in Quebec. In several countries, the rainbow has become a symbol of hope.

She asked permission to the organizers of the movement Italian #andratuttobene adapt the message for Quebec. Its publication, Facebook was quickly relayed by the members of a group that brought together some 26 000 educators in child care facilities.

The message has snowballed. Many homes in quebec have adopted this symbol of hope by posting in the windows, drawings of rainbows. The homes will be able to continue to do so without worry, she assured.

The registration of the mark does not refer to individuals, but rather businesses who want to exploit it commercially. They can do so, but by paying a donation to the Canteen for all.

“I just want to me sure that if there are profits, they will be directed to a cause that is dear to me”, she says.

Ms. Cucinelli can’t help feeling a sense of pride when she sees large buildings on the Quebec take on the colors of the rainbow.

“It is heart-warming to see to see that. It is still impressive”, she added.

The family of Mrs. Cucinelli, who lives in Italy, is entering its fifth week of confinement, but everyone is going well.

“We cross our fingers that it stays that way,” she said in closing.

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