CBS News: “stigma” and “political suicide” — trump reacted to the impeachment

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized congressional Democrats who voted for impeachment: according to him, they condemned themselves to eternal shame, reports CBS News. As the site notes, while the house of representatives voted, trump spoke to his supporters at a rally in Michigan.

CBS News: «клеймо позора» и «политическое самоубийство» — Трамп отреагировал на импичмент

ReutersВ while the house of representatives voted for impeachment, the President trump spoke at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, reports CBS News. Speaking to a crowd of his supporters, the President called the impeachment “March to political suicide.”

As noted in the article, trump began the meeting with remarks that “not even felt that we impeach you”. However, after talking about the 2016 elections, about the economy and about the importance of Michigan, he returned to the subject of impeachment “with fury,” writes CBS News.

So, the US President said that Democrats have “condemned themselves to eternal stigma of shame.” According to trump, the Democrats “proclaim their deep hatred and contempt for the American voter.” “Before I become a candidate, and they already tried to declare impeachment to me” — quoted by CBS News the White house.

Trump said that the basis of impeachment is “dishonesty” and bragged that “all the Republicans one” voted against it. “We have not lost a single Republican vote, and three Democrat voted for us!” — leads the website of the President’s words.

According to CBS News, trump’s speech lasted over two hours and was just a minute short of his longest speech since taking office.

The author recalls that trump became the third President in U.S. history, which was declared the impeachment.

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