Céline against the virus

Céline contre le virus

“WOW ! Our Celine for the fight against the COVID-19 ! #Pride “

This is what François Legault has tweeted Saturday evening when Celine Dion closed the tv show One world : together at home, initiated by Lady Gaga.

WOW ! Indeed. It was impressive to see our queen to crown this show as the anti-coronavirus.

But I couldn’t help myself, all along, to feel a great unease. It is that for two hours, I had the impression to attend a public relations operation of the world health Organization.

The health of China

Already on Friday, when Lady Gaga had called the head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, of ” superstar “, I had eyebrow.

Don’t get me wrong. I find it wonderful that an artist like Lady Gaga has managed to mobilize and stars to collect 128 million (according to figures revealed yesterday).

Everyone is for virtue.

But this should not prevent us from keeping a critical eye in the face of the WHO. This agency has had the nerve to congratulate China for its “transparency” in the crisis of the COVID-19 while the communist regime has hidden some crucial information and has silenced his ringers alert.

Even the vice-prime minister of japan has renamed the WHO “Organization of china’s health” !

More voices, more credible, highlight the many failures of the WHO.

Read what François Audet, director of the Institute of international studies of Montreal of UQAM, stated in The Journal… Friday.

“WHO has been particularly supportive to have access to data on the ground, and changed China to a good player in the first weeks of the crisis. On the contrary, it would have to be much more proactive and even coercive in requiring China to share information on the situation. […]”

“There is no doubt that a faster response might have limited the effects of the COVID-19 everywhere in the world. The various governments have thus been able to adopt more quickly measures to prevent the spread. “

In The Figaro, Benjamin Haddad, a researcher in international relations for The Atlantic Council said : “The WHO has not been exemplary in its management of the crisis. In the first weeks of the epidemic, the organization has repeated without distance elements of language of Beijing. Dr. Tedros praised the chinese response offering, according to him, “a new standard” in the fight against the epidemics, despite the opacity and the lies of the chinese regime. “

A infomercial ?

I loved to hear Celine sing. I freaked out on the performance of the “papys” of rock, the Rolling Stones. I am délectée when The Roots took over my favorite song of the 80’s, “Safety Dance, the very montreal’s Men without hats.

I agree with Anik Jean, who wrote yesterday on Instagram about Lady Gaga : “I love this woman. In addition to being an artist that reinvents itself constantly and talented without limit, she is an activist. “

Applaud the artists, yes. But before you applaud an organization that does not have a folder quite, clean, I’ll keep me a little discomfort.

I love the Lady but I am not 100 % “gaga” of the WHO.

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