Centre Videotron: goodbye the Black Keys, see you soon Lara

Centre Vidéotron: Au revoir les Black Keys, à bientôt Lara

The Black Keys cancelled, Lara Fabian postponed again : the programming of the Centre Videotron continues to be turned upside down because of the sars coronavirus.

The return of the duo blues-rock-pop american in Quebec city waiting for them. The Black Keys have announced, Friday, the cancellation of their canadian tour, which led to the Centre Videotron on may 9.

As the concert is cancelled, ticket holders will be refunded.

As to Lara Fabian, she clings to. After having presented her with a concert from 4 April to 21 June, she reschedules, this time to December 5. Tickets already purchased will of course be valid at the new date but it is also possible to obtain a refund.

In addition to that of Lara Fabian, there are no more than three concerts on the agenda of the Centre Videotron for 2020 : to Journey (July 14), the Backstreet Boys (15 September) and Megadeth + Lamb of God (October 27).

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