Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    Like other networks of real estate agencies, Century 21 announced this Monday its assessment of the year on the French real estate market in France. Its president, Laurent Vimont, therefore held his press conference by videoconference because of health constraints.

    “#If we take stock of the number of weeks we have been confined, we arrive at 12 weeks in hard confinement and four weeks in lighter confinement. This represents 25% of a year’s time. Arithmetically, we should have recorded 25% fewer transactions. Nothing happened since the number of sales at the national level fell by only 12.1% in the network, ”noted Laurent Vimont.

    The network therefore emphasizes that, “compared to other economic sectors, the real estate market of the old is miraculous”. He notes that a catching-up phenomenon was observed during the months following the 1st deconfinement, when the projects put on hold in March were added to those which emerged during these eight weeks. Subsequently, the months of June and July were then record months in terms of activity. “I’ve been in this business for 35 years. I had never seen such a euphoric, I would say frenetic market. June-#July, it’s an incredible thing, ”underlined Laurent Vimont.

    Due to the lack of closure of schools and public services, such a retention phenomenon was not observed during the second confinement. “The vast majority of French people continued to work, sales initiated before the end of October were successful – compromises can be signed – the congestion was therefore less important”, indicates the network.

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

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    The house is back in force

    According to Orpi, this type of accommodation has never made the French dream so much.

    Real estate prices up 2% according to Orpi, despite the health crisis

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    Over one year, prices have increased in France, despite periods of confinement, the real estate network said on Monday.

    Lyon, city where prices have increased the most with Rennes and Nantes in 2020

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    The notaries of France presented this Thursday their first assessment of the year on the real estate market. Prices remain on the rise in all cities in France, and in particular in Auvergne-#Rhône-#Alpes.

    Real estate: a confirmed craze for outdoor spaces

    Meilleur Agents has reported on a new study on the impact of a terrace or balcony on the price of an apartment in major cities in France.

    The Lyon real estate market held back by the crisis and loan refusals

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    During a press conference, the Rhône FNAIM spoke of the activity of the real estate market in the Lyon metropolitan area. If it remains solid, the market is affected by the health crisis, the consequences of containment and financing difficulties.

    According to LPI-#Seloger, the rise in real estate prices is strengthening

    In October, the prices signed increased by 6.3% year on year, against + 4.5% a year ago at the same time, according to the barometer. Within the movement, Lyon is no exception.

    The rise in real estate prices is slowing down slightly

    The Notaries-#Insee indices of second-hand housing prices for the third quarter were published on Thursday.

    The rise in real estate prices is accelerating

    This is the observation of LPI-#Se#Loger, which reports a scarcity of the supply of goods. According to this monthly barometer, the rise in property prices in France is strong and general.

    The very dynamic French real estate market, according to Century 21

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    The network of franchised agencies, on the occasion of its quarterly review, tempered this observation by stressing that Paris saw its activity and its prices slow down.

    Lyon: real estate prices continue to soar

    Over one year, price increases are greater than 10% in 8 out of 9 arrondissements, according to the latest LPI-#Seloger barometer.

    The health crisis has a measured impact on prices, according to FNAIM

    The federation reported at the end of last week of its latest economic report.

    A double-digit rise in property prices in Lyon

    The Notaries-#Insee price indices for second-hand housing show a further rise in prices despite the confinement.

    In the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, prices exceed € 7,000 per m2

    This is the observation drawn by LPI Seloger, which published its monthly barometer on Wednesday.

    Real estate prices: double-digit increases in Lyon and Saint-Étienne

    Century 21 evokes a “miraculous” real estate market in 2020

    LPI-#Seloger reported on its last monthly barometer, which shows activity still marked by the end of confinement.

    Real estate prices were still rising sharply in France in the 1st quarter

    The Notaires-INSEE indices of second-hand housing prices were published on Monday.

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