CH: “If it was my decision, I repêcherais…”

CH: «Si c’était ma décision, je repêcherais...»

The last lottery of the national hockey League, held last Friday, led to an unexpected scenario.

The fate decided that the first choice of the next auction to be assigned to a team of “mystery”, which means that all training that will be eliminated from the qualification rounds and will have 12.5% of chance to speak first.

As we know, the Montreal Canadians are part of the teams that will be involved in this stage of qualification. The Habs therefore likely legitimate, at this time, to hope to be able to put the hand on the first choice of the meeting of 2020.

But let’s be honest, the chances that such a scenario will materialize is rather weak. Let’s start by recalling that the CH should bow in front of Pittsburgh Penguins to be able to “take advantage” of the famous 12.5% of probability. And the Habs, even if he is disadvantaged on paper, could very well surprise the “Pens”.

Then, even if he bows to Pittsburgh, the CH will be far from assured, to speak in the first place. After all, 12,5%, it is only one chance in eight.

In the event that Canadians do not get the first selection, they will have the ninth. This scenario is mathematically (and unfortunately for some!) a lot more plausible.

This is the reason why, when a generous maintenance offered by former recruiter of the CH Grant McCagg, the has preferred to concentrate on the latter possibility.

An attacker spectacular in the sight of Bergevin?

When asked what would be his choice if he were in the shoes of Marc Bergevin, and if his team repêchait ninth, McCagg went there this response.

“If it was my decision, and taking for granted that the Lafrenière, Byfield, Stützle and cie are very likely to no longer be available, I would select it without any doubt Alexander Holtz.”

For those who don’t know a lot Holtz, let’s sum up his game in a simple way: he takes the offensive in all ways. This is not more complicated than that.

Right-handed measuring six feet and weighing 183 pounds, the Swede is described, according to various reports, as a player, very agile in confined spaces. It is said of him that he has a shot of the cuffs by storm.

Last season, in the best league of Sweden (SHL), and then he was over the age of 18 years, Holtz has picked up 16 points, including nine goals, in 35 games.

And if Holtz is selected?

If Holtz found a taker before the ninth, McCagg is looking for another attacker to the style factor.

“I would opt for the wing 67 Ottawa, Jack Quinn.”

The comfort that was it for scoring goals has been widely documented in recent months. The responsible for the recruitment of CH, Trevor Timmins, lives near him. In Quinn, Montreal would put hands on a player who has scored 52 goals last season. The young man can progress on the two wings, and has a skating fluid, in addition to have a launch very precise.

Third option

McCagg was willing to consider the possibility that Quinn may have been selected before the speech of the Canadian. He then proposed a last choice.

“If Holtz and Quinn are no longer available, I tournerais certainly to defender Jake Sanderson. But according to me, it will not be free in the ninth. It could easily be selected in the top 3. NHL teams love. Don’t be surprised if he was drafted among the first three.”

About McCagg, regarding the caliber of game statement from Sanderson, agree strangely with those of the head coach of the development program in the u.s. under 18 years of age, Seth Appert.

During a recent interview at, Appert had mentioned this: “You could defend the merits of the bail in the first place. It is possible for it to become the best player of his vintage.”

Sanderson, described by his coach as a defender, very mobile, excelling in duels one-on-one, can also bring up a lot of offensive. “But it does not take any unnecessary risks”, a temperate Appears.

Now all that remains is to see who among these players will be available if the CH is talking is alive and well in the ninth. Because there is still a possibility that Montreal gets the first choice…

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