CH-Penguins: Subban is pronounced

P. K. Subban is believed that the Montreal canadiens can steal the series that will pit the Pittsburgh Penguins in the framework of the qualifying round that begins Saturday on TVA Sports.

Exchanging the role of player to one analyst, while his New Jersey Devils are not of the knock-out tournament, Subban explained that, even if it favors the Penguins, one player can completely change the situation in the camp of the Habs.

“Listen, you have Crosby and Malkin on one side who are rested. This will probably be the series with the most interesting because of one player and one player only: Carey Price,” said the former Canadian during an episode of his podcast The Peak broadcast on YouTube.

“Price can steal this series. It can happen. Good, he will need help, but if he is in his element, forget it. I can see Montreal winning this series.”

Nevertheless, the CH will have a hard the better of Sidney Crosby and his band, as he had managed to do in 2010, during the famous “spring-Halak”. Subban was then in its infancy in the uniform blue-white-red.

“Let me tell you that I don’t bet against Sidney Crosby, has qualified P. K. I’ve already beaten in the series, but I bowed in front of him during the Stanley Cup finals [2017]. I know what he is capable of doing.”

Moreover, in the eyes of the number 76, Crosby has not yet been dethroned in the NHL, contrary to what believe several experts.

“There is much talk of Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl – his name often comes up in discussions for the title of the outstanding player this year. Listen to me, the best player in the league is still Sidney Crosby”, has he supported.

“He has the three rings of the Stanley cup and he can do it all. He proved that he could deliver the goods in the important moments, and this at all levels.”

In short, Subban predicts a win for the Penguins, without, however, exclude the possibility that a surprise could occur.

“If I have to pick a team, I take Pittsburgh, but I believe that Montreal can steal this series.”

See Subban analyze the confrontations in the Association Is in the video below.

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