Chad : of 44 members of Boko Haram found dead in prison

Forty-four members of Boko Haram captured during the recent operation launched by Chad against the group jihadist were found dead in their cell Thursday morning in n’djamena, chad, apparently poisoned, according to the prosecutor of the Republic.

An autopsy done on four of the forty-four bodies recovered Thursday morning reveals the intake of a toxic substance, according to the public prosecutor, who opened an inquiry.

“The conclusion of this autopsy shows that there has been consumption of a lethal substance and iatrogenic, having produced a condition of the heart in some and severe asphyxia in the other,” said the attorney Youssouf Tom on national television. The other 40 bodies have been buried.

The prosecutor indicates that its teams are made on site following a call Thursday morning from jailers their “, announcing that 44 prisoners had been found dead in their cells “, he added.

These prisoners are part of the 58 members of the Boko Haram who had been arrested during the huge operation launched by the chadian president Idriss Deby Itno at the end of march against groups of jihadists have increased the number of attacks on lake Chad.

They had been transferred to n’djamena on Tuesday night where they were handed over to the hands of justice, had indicated to the government to the AFP on Wednesday. They then had to be interviewed and then be judged by a criminal court.

“This is horrible “

“The 58 prisoners had been placed in a single cell and have not received to eat or drink for two days “, told AFP a source safe under the cover of anonymity.

“It is horrible what happened ! “exclaimed with the AFP Mahamat Nour Ahmed Ibedou, the secretary-general of the convention chadian defence of human rights (CTDDH).

The latter accuses the officials of the prison ” to have locked up the prisoners in a small cell and having them starved and deprived of water for three days because they are accused of belonging to Boko Haram “, he said to the AFP.

Charges refuted formally by the government : “there has been no ill-treatment “, provides to the AFP, the minister of Justice of Chad, Djimet Arabi, reached by phone from Libreville.

“We found toxic substances in their stomach, is it a collective suicide or something else ? We are still looking for the answers “, he added, specifying that the investigation was going to continue.

One of the prisoners was transferred on Thursday morning to the hospital, but he is “doing much better” and finally joined “the other thirteen prisoners still alive, who are going very well,” assured the minister.

“Wrath of Bohoma “

These elements of Boko Haram had been arrested during the military operation in chad, called Wrath of Bohoma, which took place from 31 march to 8 April. According to the army, at least 52 chadian soldiers and a thousand jihadists were killed during this operation triggered to avenge the chadian army.

It had been the target of a bloody attack on 23 march, elements of Boko Haram against one of its bases, killing a hundred of his soldiers. The worst defeat ever recorded in less than 24 hours by the army, deemed as the most effective of the region.

Born in 2009 in the North-East of Nigeria, the group Boko Haram has then spread on the lake Chad basin, a vast expanse of water dotted with a multitude of islands located on the borders of Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad.

Since 2015, the four riparian countries of lake Chad are struggling within a multinational Force mixed (DMF) against the different factions of the group jihadist who multiply the attacks.

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