Chained one NATO: Zelensky leads Ukraine where Poroshenko

Скованные одной НАТО: Зеленский ведёт Украину туда же, куда и Порошенко

The current visit of the NATO Secretary General was also best remembered incident: in the final joint press conference, Stoltenberg, as the owner, said that dealing with the press is finished, without asking the opinion of the President of Ukraine.

The other day in the Verkhovna Rada was made by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with a portion diplomatically verified suggestions. From the rostrum of BP, he showered the classic phrase about the fact that “NATO does not accept and will never accept the annexation of the Crimea”, about the fact that “Russia must withdraw its forces and weapons from the Ukrainian territory”, that “NATO will be by your side”. And once again the Secretary General pledged the Kiev authorities support, without mentioning any specific dates. Literally it sounded so: “NATO’s Door remains open, although the path to NATO membership is complicated.”

Naturally, such a heartfelt speech, such sincere promise and citation of Taras Shevchenko could not affect members who are in the end of the speech Stoltenberg even stood up from their seats. I was happy as “public servants” and poroshenkovskie with vakarchuka, and “the air caps threw”.

With regard to Zelensky, the President of Ukraine has shown that is no different from Poroshenko. In his speech he said that Ukraine’s South-Eastern flank of NATO, which our country will work closely with the Alliance on many issues – in particular, on the “black sea pack” and countering hybrid threats. And dobavil that Ukraine will speed up the preparation for membership in NATO, and if need be, even ready to jump over the stage of implementation of the action plan for membership (map). Of course, all this sounds very optimistic, but can someone tell me Zelensky, that without the membership action plan in NATO do not accept: even gallop, even accelerate.

Does Zelensky, that such statements are contrary to the sentiment in the South and East of the country? Thus, according to the August survey, the Foundation “Democratic initiatives”, only 40.9% of Ukrainians support NATO membership, and 35,9% in favor of the non-aligned status, and another 7.4 percent – for military Alliance with Russia, and 15.6% of respondents were unable to answer.

In the different regions of the country, this issue is treated very differently. The South and East is clearly the territory of “AntiNATO”. In the South only 15% for NATO, and 64% for the non-aligned status, 13% did want a military Alliance with Russia. Are unable to answer the question of 8.4%. If the West – 66% for NATO membership, 17% for the non-aligned status, and 14.7% were unable to answer, in the East, the NATO support 24%, 11% – for military Alliance with Russia, and 42% for the non-aligned status. And 22.4% were hard to answer.

Zelensky would have cost on it to think seriously. Because he will lose his most powerful electorate. The voters of the South and East who voted in the second round not so much for Zelenski, as against Poroshenko, now pereorientirovanija more ideologically similar party of Viktor Medvedchuk “the Opposition platform”. Because his position is “Ukraine does not need NATO because there is no one waiting” and other issues on the agenda, sounds in unison with the opinion of the majority of inhabitants of the South-East. And yet, according to Medvedchuk, Ukraine’s movement to NATO jeopardizes the reintegration of Donbass. The fact that the residents of Donbass not want to go back to a country that is in NATO – in the Donbass, the largest number of opponents of such a path. It is the “maniacal desire Poroshenko‒Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Parubiy “join” Ukraine in NATO has led the country to split,” – said Medvedchuk’s main threat, campaigning for NATO contrary to the opinion of the people.

In General, the NATO Secretary General’s visit showed once again that Zelensky in fact pursue the same policies as Poroshenko. Although it was replaced by the President of Ukraine, continues to operate the program of cooperation Ukraine-NATO, according to which binaryfinary Alliance for full use of the territory of our country for confrontation with Russia, but not undertake any obligation.

So this time Stoltenberg talked a lot, in order not to say anything on the merits. What specific terms and conditions? A mystery. It turns out, however, that Ukraine in NATO, no one is waiting, only promises fed.

That is, everything we see is a game: everyone plays with someone. In this case, NATO is with Ukraine, Zelensky generally “floats” in this thread, not knowing what map. The result: the Alliance feeds beautiful phrases, and the President shows the collective West and Pro-Western politicians, that he does not deviate from the road to NATO, which brought Ukraine Poroshenko.Ruslan Vesnyanka

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