Challenge the fish to the Domain Desmarais

Défier le poisson au Domaine Desmarais

LAKE VIGNEROD | That you would try to fish in the lake, Hat trick, the lake of the Rocket or to the lake N° 9 ? It is this that can offer you the outfitter Domaine Desmarais.

Located between Trois-Rivières and La Tuque, in this outfitter establishment with exclusive rights of 107 km2 covers a good portion of the old private club’s famous number 9 for the Montreal canadiens, Maurice Richard.

My friend Karl Tremblay had something to be proud of these two beautiful speckled captured at the same time in one of the lakes kept by the outfitter and that offer this quality of fishing is outstanding.

There fished and hunted moose every year. He went there often in the company of other players. A visit to the outfitter you will discover the vestiges of this unique period.

“With such a history, I had to develop the outfitters and reminding me always of its history,” explains the owner, Yannick Desmarais. The outfitter has a lot to offer to fishing enthusiasts in terms of the quality of the fishing and the accommodation. ”

He can say mission accomplished. Everything has been revamped on the territory which was formerly the camp of the lake Vignerod.

The 14 chalets of the outfitters offer comfort with all the facilities necessary for living a very comfortable stay in a european plan, even in the luxury, up to a certain point.

He never does things by half. All the installations are solar-powered. On booking, the package american plan is offered in the chalet n° 4 only.


Get ready to live an experience. The outfitter has 32 lakes, which offer fishing for brook trout is native to high-quality and lake trout in addition to walleye and pike in the river.

For speckled trout, you have a choice imposing. On some lakes, it has stocking to make life easier for the fishermen.

In the other, the brook trout native reign. Of surprises await you there : trout of two, three or even four books, and more are in hiding, protected in an outstanding manner. This is where you can somehow achieve feats that are out of the ordinary, the image of the Rocket.

There is nothing complicated to catch your trout. A good old Toronto Wobbler three-inch, silver and gold, with a bottom line 24 inches, a good set of plastic worms, and the tower is played.

You can also use a Clear Lake red and silver color, or a Flash King arc-en-ciel. The fishermen, who feel daring can add a fly high up on the line. A By Beautiful Silver or the traditional Muddler Minnow will be perfect.

If you decide to play the big shot, you may have a big surprise with two trout of three books at the same time on the line. The feat was achieved on one of the lake protected where you need to go with a guide and limit your catch of three trout. Lakes of the genre, this is the trademark of this outfitter.

For lovers of fly fishing, during our passage, a silk calante with at the end a Wooly Buggler has given excellent results.

“These lakes are real gems that I treasured. It is the pride of the camp, ” said Mr. Desmarais.


In addition to the facilities of the chalets which are of great quality, it offers many services, equipment for hire, for family stays, with games for the young and the less young.

At the station, you will find a convenience store with everything you need if you forgot something. The electric motor is used on the majority of lakes of the outfitting.

You will long remember a trip there. When we are driving in the middle of the forest to the outfitter, we do not know what awaits us. The discovery of this little paradise is all the more great with its cottages located on the sandy coast of the lake, offering a breathtaking view on the surrounding nature.

Pourvoirie Domaine Desmarais

  • ACCESS : Highway 40 to Trois-Rivières, until the junction of highway 55 in the direction of La Tuque. At mile 86, you turn on the bridge of the Rivière-aux-Rats. Follow the signs to the outfitter.
  • ACCOMMODATION : Chalet four star european plan. Just bring bedding, personal effects, sleeping bag and food.
  • PACKAGE : european Plan, american plan on booking at chalet 4, and plans of family.
  • SPECIES CAUGHT : brook Trout, lake trout, or lake trout, pike and walleye.
  • HUNTING : Moose, bear and small game. The abundance of wild game could allow you to make interesting encounters.
  • SERVICES : Rental of gasoline engines or electrical, charging of batteries, life jackets, gasoline, diesel, and minidépanneur.
  • INFORMATION : 1 819 840-3686, or
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