Champions exam: 100 ballnik shared the secrets of success

PHOTO : / Maria Androsova


The results of the Unified state examination (use) this year significantly different from last year, according to Rosobrnadzor. In computer science the average score increased by four units, and in history – nearly three. At the same time increased and the number of graduates who passed the exam 100 points, and in all four subjects. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Elena Shiryaeva was found with honors.

A graduate of the school №1517 of Moscow Anastasia Andurina speaks Chinese like native. She’s the only one in Russia passed the exam for the Chinese language on 100 points.

“We lived among the Chinese and studied Chinese. Had to learn the language. I do not remember that I learned the tutorial because it was all in life, in everyday life,” said Anastasia.

A favorite expression of Anastasia “live and learn” carefully draws on the blackboard in Chinese. Signs difficult. However, as the language of mathematics is difficult, boring, but not for Daniel Drabina.

Favorite science did not disappoint. Brought the student from Tula 100 points. And Russian, computer science and physics. Director Konstantin Goncharov proves that this is not an accident.

“Daniel studied at one five in the fifth grade. Basically invited parents to a meeting to announce the results of who gets Daniel. The feeling of pride experienced after him,” – said the Director of the Lyceum № 2 Tula Konstantin Goncharov.

The same emotions and the school of Ekaterinburg. A graduate of high school No. 9 Anastasia Predelena also scored 400 points in four subjects.
“She’s not a genius, not – very hardworking and capable. Passionate about their work. I am proud,” said mother Anastasia Yulia Predelena.

Nastya is a fan of exact Sciences. But in order to pass Humanities, has developed her innovative method.

“Russian, I tried to systematize and put in convenient form, for example, by using plates. The algorithm, which can determine the conjugations and look for the suffixes of participles, can be difficult,” said Anastasia Predelena.

This year Unified state examination handed over 650 thousand people. 100 points wrote a little less than 7 thousand. Honored teacher of Russia, Director of the SBI school No. 2007 Sergei Starovoit says: “geniuses and clever” – is back in fashion.

“When a child is successful at the Olympics, in learning and in school life, it is perceived as role models,” he explains.

Although for the record their record – business as usual. Sure other students are not more stupid than them.
“I try not to pay much attention, because it’s just an exam,” says Daniel Drebin.

“Don’t think it’s something remarkable. But I’m glad I was able to bring the work to completion,” – said Anastasia Predelena.

“I would be happy if not one so well-written!” – Anastasia admitted Andurina.

What are the secrets revealed record and how the exam passed Putin? See the special report in the program “Together” with Ekaterina Abramova at 18:30 on TV channel “MIR”.