Changan motors are about to experience in Europe

Моторы Changan собираются испытывать в Европе

Changan motors will be tested in Europe. The test center of the power plant placed in the British Birmingham, where on 12 November in R&D center held its Grand opening, the site says “Chinese cars”.

In Birmingham a random choice. The development of the engine BlueCore 1.5 T were in the local research center of the Chinese brand. This engine is currently getting new Changan CS35 crossover Plus and CS55.

In the company, describing the new engine, pointing to its three main qualities: power, quietness and environmental friendliness.

Another reason to place the test centre in the UK is that this country is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. She doesn’t take talent, and there is always a place for innovation.

The new center will be able to test not only the traditional internal combustion engine, but hybrids and all-electric powerplants. Interestingly, the opening of the center in Birmingham coincided with the release of the latest motor Blue Core NE 1.5 T.

The engine of the new generation fully meets the latest emissions standards China VI, and in the future can be upgraded to the requirements of Euro 7.

The motor was already tested at different temperatures from plus 80 to minus 45 degrees, and cars with it has reached a height of 4 700 m above sea level.

After all these road tests, the total mileage reached 1.4 million km.

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