Change of mood of Donald Trump in respect of the NAFTA

Photo: Judi Bottoni The canadian Press
The maturity date of the renegotiation had been first set by the end of 2017, but has been postponed for three months this fall due to the magnitude of the gap between including the american camp and its vis-à-vis canadian and mexican.

Donald Trump is now showing more willingness to respect to the renegotiation of NAFTA that had been said earlier in the week, going so far as to say that the discussions had made “much progress” and open the door to a possible extension.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the us president has portrayed the ongoing negotiations on the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA) in a better light than would have been expected, to hear it say its own representatives for months, but also what is being reported to some official sources the canadian who said it this week already decided to withdraw his country from the agreement.


“We have made a lot of progress. We are moving forward well, ” said Donald Trump about discussions between his country, Canada, and Mexico.


Of course, it has repeated the point to which the current agreement is, according to him, “disastrous” and his threat that ” if [the United States does not get] not a good agreement, [it will bring] an end to the NAFTA “. But ” there was no emergency,” he clarified, however. It even says “flexible” on the deadline, the official march 31, saying understand the reserve growing to the negotiators that mexican approach of the general elections in their country on 1 July.


Polite but firm


These statements of Donald Trump have been well received by the Canada. “This is a sensible suggestion of the president,” said Friday, the canadian minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland. “We have always felt that there was no question of imposing an artificial deadline. And we have always understood that it was a negotiation complex. “


The deadline had initially been set at the end of 2017, but has been postponed for three months this fall due to the magnitude of the gap between including the american camp and its vis-à-vis canadian and mexican. It was said however at the time that the flutter caused by the elections in Mexico could extend for months after they are held.


Citing sources official canadian anonymous, the media had reported this week that Ottawa was more and more convinced that Washington was preparing to announce its withdrawal from the NAFTA. The news had created quite a stir on financial markets in north america, illuminating in particular the loonie the canadian and the mexican peso.


The canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has repeated in a press conference on Friday that Canada would remain “polite” and “farm” in the negotiations, and that it was preparing for all contingencies, but that it was ” optimistic “. “We know that the american president can be unpredictable. “


American experts have said, see, new, good disposition of Donald Trump, the effect of the growing pressure of political and economic interests favourable to the success of the negotiations in the United States.


Creative thinking


Asked by chrystia Freeland was admitted on Thursday that the stakes at issue have not advanced an inch since the beginning of negotiations in August. She added that the canadian camp tries very hard to make evidence of “creative thinking” to find an acceptable way to respond to american requests.


She explained in particular that we propose in Montreal a new way of calculating the domestic content in the automotive manufacturing. The Americans claim that, to be exempted from tariffs, the vehicles have a content north american minimum not more than 62.5 %, but of 85 %, and that one adds to this that at least 50 % of this content come from the United States. Canada will argue that the current standards do not sufficiently take into account new sources of fuel, batteries, lightweight materials, cameras, and wireless technologies that are increasingly in the manufacture of vehicles, and fail in particular the important contribution of intellectual property, an area in which the United States is a world leader.

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