Channel Life : single and… “to boutte”!

Canal Vie : célibataires et... «à boutte»!

MONTREAL – Channel Life has had its “Mothers in boutte”, but this fall, it is the “Singles in boutte” who will reveal their great joys and small sorrows in the eyes of the viewers. The reality queer in the throes of Tinder : no aspect of life in solo will not be rushed.

The identity of the five singles-the stars of the docu-reality has been unveiled last week. We cast the net wide in recruiting Sabine (speaker of haitian age 42), Mary C. (Gaspé epicurean of 30 years), Mary G. (influenceuse queer 24 years old), Marie-Joëlle (mom, single 29 years old) and Maude (great romantic 29-year-old who works in finance).

They are career women entichées of their job, they lead a slower pace of life particular or that they are constantly combat-weary by their families who would like to see “fit”, each of which faces its own challenges.

Major issues

As a professional in the field, Olenny Pelletier, coach in seduction and neuro-linguistic programming, will analyze the trends and challenges inherent in the celibacy in our time in the “Singles in boutte”. Without meeting the candidate or scrutinizing their personal situation, it décortiquera the challenges that all single women are facing.

“What is the fact that women are still so far only in Quebec? I’m going to demystify all the concepts that may be encountered in the “dating”, in celibacy, as it is between two people. Both at the level of resistors and programming due to our past experiences to the sociological behavior of celibacy. Be struggling to make the first move, preconceived ideas, lack of confidence… I’m going to verbalize for people to find and recognize themselves in”, was described by Olenny Pelletier in an interview.

The overall picture

“Singles in boutte” is presented as a “portrait of celibacy” in 2020 and not an experience that is “If we loved”. In each episode, the girls get “dates” with potential suitors. Some of the beginnings of relationships will evolve over weeks, others not, and the gentlemen will have the right to speak to the camera to explain their point of view.

The ladies will meet as often them around for a nosh and a drink to express themselves about topics that turlupinent : the desire (or not) to have children, the must have applications dating, peer pressure, sexual orientation, sexuality, the evolution of mentalities, the selection criteria, the reality of single-parent mothers, etc

It is unknown whether the participants will find their soul mate through “Singles in boutte”, but they build probably of true friendship.

The pandemic, an obstacle

All will be illustrated capsules Olenny Pelletier. In the context, to say the least unique of 2020, it will have to deal in its observations with a common denominator to all the girls : the pandemic. Because of the filming of the “Singles in boutte” is currently underway, taking into account constraints required by the health standards.

“It was necessary to fit the entire issue in consideration of the context, slid Olenny Pelletier. It is an additional challenge. It doesn’t happen like we wanted to, in the same way that relationships in life are not going as we wanted because of the pandemic, not more.”

  • Canal Vie will present “Singles in boutte” on Wednesday, September 23, at 20: 30. A podcast that is complementary to the broadcast will also be available this fall.
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