Channel nine: Israel closed all their embassies due to financial differences

Девятый канал: Израиль закрыл все свои посольства из-за финансовых разногласий

Embassies and diplomatic missions of Israel in the world stopped working since 30 October due to disputes between government departments around the decision of the Ministry of Finance to cut spending. The foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry announced a General strike of protest. When the strike will end and the Israeli offices will re-open its doors, is still unknown.

Since midnight Jerusalem time on October 30 and “to get a new ad,” all of Israel diplomatic mission in different countries of the world was closed to visitors because of a strike, which was announced by the working Committee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of defense of Israel, according to the Ninth channel. Committee representatives explained to journalists that the strike was the only possible measure of protest against the decision of the Ministry of Finance about the funding cuts.

The Ministry of Finance has decided to reduce the cost of maintaining Israeli diplomats, and the diplomatic missions and representatives of Israel around the world. The Finance Ministry also plans to introduce new standards for reporting and trying to apply them “retroactively,” requiring everyone to account for past expenses. This caused serious discontent of other government departments, which have long complained about the lack of funds is explained in the article.

As a result, the sites and pages of Israeli representative offices in social networks there are warnings about that on 30 October they stop working. “Israeli diplomats have always sought to improve the strength and stability of Israel. Unfortunately, the Finance Ministry’s decision leaves us with no other choice but to take the aforementioned actions, because the vital interests of the state of Israel has been infringed. We hope that this crisis will be resolved soon”, — quotes “Ninth channel” a statement from the Consulate General of Israel in Toronto.

When the Israeli authorities will be able to settle the dispute between the ministries and negotiate to end the strike, to the diplomatic mission of Israel in the world have received the necessary funding and were able to return to work is still unknown, the article says.

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