Charente-Maritime: maternity, saturated, returns to her home and and it is her husband who gives birth

The young woman returned to her home and it was her husband who helped her to give birth. — SUPERSTOCK/SUPERSTOCK/SIPA

The mom and her little go well. This Wednesday, the young woman who is followed by a wise-woman liberal tells to the South-West that she presented to the maternity of Rochefort in the Charente-Maritime and, despite his contractions every 20 minutes, she was sent home and asked to come back the next day because the hotel was full.

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The father improvises a midwife

The young woman had reached the end of her pregnancy, determined as at September 30, but the internal service who receives it Wednesday, October 3, indicates that the delivery will not be triggered. She goes home and immerses herself in a bath to relax. but it loses water and it is too late to go back to maternity. Her husband, a truck driver, completes the delivery, guided by the wise-woman liberal that he has on the phone. He has even managed to untie the cord that was wrapped around the neck of his little girl. The mother and the infant were then taken to the maternity hospital by AMBULANCE to receive medical care.

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