Charente-Maritime: traffic interrupted on the A10 due to a truck fire

The truck has caught fire on the A10 Thursday, 12 October 2017, in the sense Bordeaux-Paris — Vinci autoroutes

Traffic was halted Thursday morning on the A10, in the sense Bordeaux-Paris, at the level of Mirambeau (Charente-Maritime) after the fire in the trailer of a truck, says Vinci Autoroutes.

#A10 dir° Paris, following a truck fire, the fire under control. Next steps: cleaning and checking of the pavement.Listen to @Radio1077

— VINCI Autoroutes (@VINCIAutoroutes) October 12, 2017

The fire was reported shortly after 7 p.m. between Saint-Aubin and Mirambeau. Some 13 firefighters have been dispatched on the spot.

Vinci autoroutes indicates that the fire was brought under control around 9 pm, the Rest still perform the operations of cleaning and verification of the pavement.

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