Charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine said about the readiness to speak publicly in Congress

Временный поверенный в делах США в Украине заявил о готовности публично выступить в Конгрессе

Charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor could become the first who will speak at a public hearing in the U.S. Congress under the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. This was reported by broadcaster CNN referring to a source.

So, according to her, the Democrats of the relevant committees of the house of representatives, leading the investigation, to date, has not sent Taylor to the request. However, according to the source, they believe that the interim chargé d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine would be ideally suited for the transfer of the hearings to the public stage. The broadcaster stresses that Taylor also had no objection to be the first to speak at public hearings.

Previously, Taylor in private hearings said that the trump in exchange for providing military assistance to Ukraine demanded that its leader Vladimir Zelensky public assurances that Kiev will hold the investigation against the son of the former Vice-President of the United States hunter Biden. Taylor noted that all relations between the two countries, including assistance in the field of security, dependent on the moment of consent of the Ukrainian side to make such public statements. The diplomat described the attempt of this pressure on Kiev as strange.

As you know, in September, the U.S. and Ukraine was at the center of media attention after an unnamed us intelligence official has accused trump of the pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky for the resumption of the investigation Biden’s son in exchange for providing Kiev with financial and military aid.

Against this background, the House of representatives announced the launch of impeachment proceedings against trump. Democrat Biden is now the most likely competitor to trump in the upcoming next year in the US elections.

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