Charles Theron rosove, Yak , mother shot the old man

Шарліз Терон розповіла, як її мати застрелила батька

So, Charles rospoli about nich, if mother Gerda . I shot the old man. At the moment src Bulo vsogo lachey 15 years.

“Miy dad CCB ailing human. VIN CCB alkoholom all my life — I didn’t know Yogo him. TSE Bula to dosit besada a situation in which satrapa our family. Skin day neededbecause, if ti live s alkoholom, and TSE pochuttya salesas with you Seredin for all life. I think, that our family was not showsm zdorovo,” says Charles.

Theron described pod t strashno NOC:

“Miy dad CCB nestlike n of any scho all trimisa on his feet, if sayshow to the hati s pistoletom. My mother I I Buli in may spalin I tolerise to the door, that scho VIN amagasa of a webite. He zrobiv CROC ago I just westrow apartment is in good condition at three times. Godna s CIR cul lucila not in us, I TSE a miracle. Ale in clah samooborony my mom versile usnote Qiu zagrozu”.

“TSE enforced in the family section, and I podley story Qiu, Qiu proportion z bogatimi people. Meni not soromno about TSE say, that scho I think Chim bilshe scho mi are talking about the TSI by the way, all the more so rosumo scho mi samotni. I think for me TSE always Bula history about those scho TSE this means of wirasti I live is charging s human scho stradaut from whichever, and that nasdi TSE Mauger mother”, — doda actress.

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